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Miley Cyrus Says Her Family’s History Influenced Her to Stay Sober

Miley Cyrus has been sober for six months and she is revealing how she came to make the decision of sobriety.

Miley says that part of making that decision was after learning about her family’s history. Their history about addiction and mental health inspired her to change her lifestyle.

‘I’ve been sober sober for the past six months,’ she revealed in an interview with Variety’s podcast. Miley explains that at the beginning it was about having vocal surgery. But she started thinking about her mother a lot.

Miley further reveals her mother’s story and how she relates to her. Her mother was adopted and Miley inherited some of the abandonment issues because of her. The feeling of wanting to prove that she is valuable and wanted, came to Miley from her mother.

She continued her story talking about her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. Miley reveals that her dad’s parents got divorced when he was three years old. So her dad had to raise himself.

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Miley further states that she went through a lot of family history and it contains a lot of addiction and mental health. So Miley wanted the answer to, “Why am I the way that I am?” She explains by understanding the past, we can understand the present and the future.

Miley also encouraged the idea of therapy. She further says that it can be challenging to be sober since there is a lot of peer pressure involved. But Miley believes that the advantages of waking up clean is far better than waking up with a hangover.

Miley further states that it is really hard when one is young since there is the question of “you’re no fun”. She says “honey, you can call me a lot of things, but I know that I’m fun”.

Ashley O in Black Mirror

Miley reveals the thing that she loves most about being sober. She says she likes to wake up feeling ready rather than feeling groggy all the time.

Miley also pokes fun at her parents calling them ‘the biggest stoners’. She depicts her shock towards something she said in an interview. “One of my favorite interviews is when I say, ‘Anyone that smokes weed is a dummy’. That one I love to send to my parents, who are big stoners, every now and then.”

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Miley also discusses about her role in Black Mirror. She played a popstar named Ashley O. Miley reveals it had a significance to her house burning down in the Woolsey Fires.

Miley played a singer in the Netflix series, who was induced into a coma. She reveals that she imbibed the loss that she faced into her character.

‘When Ashley wakes up from the coma and it’s totally traumatic, that was the day that I had lost my house in Malibu to the fires,’ she revealed. ‘I was able to pull from that trauma and use that in the scene.’ 

She further reveals that there was also times when she had to stop and break down outside. Miley says it was an interesting time because everything was falling apart in her personal life. She used that into her character because Ashley also had lost everything.

Miley further says she found her character very relateable because her aunt is very controlling in the series. The character’s aunt is the one who laced the food with medication.

Miley says the only difference is she doesn’t have an aunt but her mother is her momager. She says she does not even buy a light bulb for her house without asking her mother if it is the right one.

Miley’s advice to Justin Bieber

She further says that without her parents she might turn out like the character she plays in Black Mirror. Miley further says that the difference between Ashley and herself, are Miley’s parents and the teams that are out around her.

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She says that her family got pointed to a caring manager by Dolly Patron. Someone who would put Miley first instead of her stardom.

‘Like when I was looking for a manager, we got whoever Dolly (Parton) told me would be protective over me. It didn’t have to do with, “he’s going to make you star”. It was, “you’re going to feel comfortable with your child traveling with him and he’s going to take care of her and respect [your] values.” 

Miley also reveals that she gave advice to Justin Bieber when she was a teenager. Further talking about this story, she reveals that she was sitting in front of Justin in a movie premiere. Justin leaned up to the 16-year-old and asked advice in a very friendly way.

Miley reveals her answer saying the she told Justin to remember everything. There is a lot happening so try to press record and remember everything, is the advice Miley gave Justin Bieber.

“There was so much going, so much to take in as such a young person that I didn’t remember to take everything in. That’s something my dad always taught me, was when you’re on stage, whether it’s when you get there or when you’re about to leave, take a picture in your mind. And remember it, and savor it, and take it in.”

When asked about a collaboration with Justin Bieber, Miley said there is nothing in the works as of now.

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