Mehar Bano’s Instagram Account No Longer Visible As She Faces Backlash For Supporting Homosexuality

Actress Mehar Bano has lost her Instagram account after facing strong criticism for her old video clip when she talked and openly expressed her supportive views about homosexuality.

People have linked her to an old clip where she is seen supporting gayism after the recent Aurat March and have been widely criticized after it was heard that she supported “gays” in Pakistani society.

According to the netizens, it was completely against local values ​​and traditions and was against the religion of Islam.

Mehar Bano’s Support For Gayism

Mehar Bano had said that homosexuality was not a bad thing in herview and vowed to support “homosexuality” in Pakistan.

“As you have seen our banner it also shows that we are supporting homosexuality, and we are not against it if two men go for it,” said the actress in a video clip.

She said they also supported “gayism”, adding that it was right and proper in her views.

Is The Account Deleted Or Blocked?

When the clip started airing this year after the Aurat March the actor faced a lot of criticism. People say that homosexuality is “Haram” completely [strictly forbidden] in Islam but Mehar has openly supported it and has this been believed to be violating social norms and principles.

Following her views on homosexuality, the actor also lost her Instagram account as she failed to open it. She had more than 100,000 followers on Instagram.

On the other hand, the sources added that the actress herself deleted her account to avoid the negativity.

Did She Make A New Account?

However, there’s another fresh account surfacing online and it seems that the actress has made this fresh account.

MeherBano Instagram

A story from that page stated: “Hello Meher Bano here, my old account deleted due to lots of reports, this is my new account but I will recover that account soon.”

However, it is still unknown whether the account is fake or not.

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