Marion W. Cain III on Charisma, and How You Can Utilize It To Land More Clients

Marion Cain III, the widely outspoken charismatic coach has devoted his life to helping people get one divine gift – charisma. Cain is of the opinion that everyone has the gift but it can be buried in them. By offering his life to help millions revive their charisma, Cain has proven to be the best coach with an experience of over 20 years and nine straight academic degrees.

Cain, also known as The Kharisma Coach, is the founder of a seminar known as ‘Instant Kharisma’. The aim of the seminar is to dig inside with the help of specific steps to activate your hidden charisma. Cain believes that the struggle out there to make people listen to you and do whatever you are saying, is based on the state of your charisma.

The Jack of All Trades

Having settled thousands of cases in very harsh courtrooms, Cain has gained some priceless skills. With these, he has managed accounts worth over $100 million. Additionally, he can help you with risk management. He has also trained at a top acting school and acted in lengthy films that sold globally.

The Bestselling author has also trained over 1,250 people and taught them to dominate the stage whenever they are doing podcasts, negotiations, and personal interactions. In response, many CEOs, influencers, models, athletes, and professionals have been going back to him not only to thank him but also to get their friends to sign up for his program.

In the classes featured in Cain’s program, he coaches on the importance of all verbal and non-verbal cues while presenting yourself. “There is a need to ensure that as you talk, not only your voice can be heard but also your passion,” Cain says. When you know something well, you become the master of it. Marion teaches mastering the art of speaking in public, which in turn can transform your life both business-wise and in personal matters.

Not a Billion Followers; A Billion Gestures Instead

Public speaking is all talks that you do except soliloquy,” Marion adds as he emphasizes the need to know how you should engage anyone you are speaking to. Whether you are talking to thousands or even just one client, there is a need to get acquainted with the best structure of presenting yourself as well as arranging your words from the first word you utter to the last.

The coach who has delivered keynote speeches in 11 stadiums with the largest one attended by an audience of over 35,000 people in 27 states and seven countries is a sure bet on life-changing training. If you have ever wanted to not only communicate better but present yourself as a billionaire and generate irrevocable rapport whenever you want, Marion Cain III is the guy you should see.

For a long time, it might have appeared that having many followers is directly proportional to the engagement you generate. However, as Marion describes, it is not always the case. His friend has more than 4 million followers on social media, and yet she cannot make a few sales. Cain also recalls a man with just about a million followers who makes millions through sales.

The Kharisma Coach shows people how to make the best rapport with clients. This rapport, in turn, helps you turn first-time customers into lifetime clients. In the long run, you will have increased the number of people in need of your products and services. You will also be in the best position to engage all levels of clients from all genders, ages, and personalities.

Being Charismatic on Social Media and in Real Life

Would you like to be that person that everyone believes has the charm to engage with his audience on social media? Well, that is exactly what The Kharisma Coach will transform you to be. Just to offer a sneak peek of what social media charisma is all about, Cain says It should start with the content you post. Be it the videos, pictures, or choice of words, you should know the right buttons to press to get those prospective clients to esteem your services.

“Jim Jones would make you voluntarily drink poison. I can make you just as good, but not to poison people. Instead, I can make you the best version of yourself, and position you at a place where you can get anything from someone. You know you want such control over your clients.” Cain says. To him, there is nothing quite effective in sales as the mode of presentation you carry to the table.

The daily informal communication we have is not effective when it comes to building influence in business. There is more to it, and that has to be formal communication curated to suit every client’s need. Though the truth is that customers have different needs, The Kharisma Program will acquaint you with everything you need to build charisma that will help you get it right with every customer. With that, you will earn respect and trust from all the important people who mean business. There is a need to know the exact skills and word patterns that enhance your communication, whether formal or informal, and Marion Cain III knows best how to get you there.