Ludwig Tries To Teach Fellow Streamer Sykkuno How To Play Madden NFL 22

So it happened! Two of the biggest streamers joined hands to play some Madden NFL 22 together! But did they really play it ‘together’?

Ludwig Ahgren and Sykkuno did a collab stream where Ludwig taught his fellow streamer how to play the football game.

The stream was full of hilarious moments and reactions where Ludwig was left mind-blown at times.

Ludwig Loses Vs Miami Dolphins

If you know anything about Sykkuno and Ludwig, they too are poles apart when it comes to Football. While Ludwig is a die-hard fan of Madden and the game of Football, Sykkuno knows close to nothing.

The two started playing the game on the stream with Ludwig’s England Patriots pitched against Miami Dolphins.

Sykunno tried to grasp as much as he could. However, we think just like Ludwig’s one point loss against Miami Dolphins, his attempt to teach Sykkuno also went down the drain.

Sykkuno’s Hikarious Gameplay

When Sykkuno started playing Madden, it was all the more fun for the viewers. The gamer fails to understand which direction is he supposed to run and wasn’t even able to comprehend what happened after making his first touchdown.

Sykkuno, in a hilarious turn of events, asks Ludwig to make his players stop chasing the ball from him. Ludwig, throughout the game, was roaring with laughter and was left baffled seeing the gameplay of Sykkuno.

The stream was definitely a fun-filled and exciting one for the fans. With the enjoyment the two streamers had, Sykkuno should very soon return for another Madden sit down with Ludwig. What do you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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