Twitch Streamer Ludwig Says “F**K TikTok” After TikToker Gets Bullied

YouTuber and Twitch streamer Ludwig is back at it again! Ludwig never steps back from speaking his mind. Recently he called CallMeCarson a liar and a terrible friend after the latter’s apparent Twitch comeback. Now, Ludwig has slammed TikTok. Let’s find out why.

Just the last week, American Twitch streamer Ludwig posted a video defending one of the most bullied content creators on TikTok. The content creator Ludwig was talking about in his video was ‘Bentellect’. If you don’ know who Bentellect is and what sort of videos he uploads, here’s some background.

Who Is Bentellect?

Bentellect has over 8 million followers on TikTok. He got famous with his reaction videos on TikTok in which he is seen ‘over-reacting’ to memes and tweets. While no one knows if Ben’s laugh in the videos is genuine or a fake one, and whether his reactions are over-done, it has fetched him a lot of hate and bullying online.

Ludwig spoke about the bullying that Ben was facing in one of his videos. He said that comments and replies under Ben’s videos might be affecting him mentally and there’s no certainty if Bentellect is reading those comments.

Ludwig mentioned that he is seeing a lot of negative posts directed towards Bentellect in recent times.

Ludwig Lashes Out At TikTok

Ludwig released a new video when things got out of control! Ludwig lashed out at TikTok for not having good ‘moderation’ policies in place. He slammed the platform by saying “A robot and 1 guy asleep at his desk” consists of TikTok’s moderation team.

Bentellect’s private information is being circulated in the public space and people are ‘stitching’ Bentellect’s videos, showing that they are in front of his home. The most bullied man on TikTok is apparently being doxxed and TikTok is not doing anything about it.

“Fu*k TikTok”, Ludwig says. “The most f***ed up thing about this is the little action that TikTok has done.”

Ludwig also shares a list of his videos that were taken down for violating ‘community guidelines’ on TikTok but when it comes to stopping bullying and harassment of a content creator, TikTok’s moderation team is sleeping. Tell us in the comments if you think Ludwig is right!


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