Lovelyz Disbanded? Members Leave Woolim; Fans Hope For New Start

Lovelyz Disbanded? Members Leave Woolim; Fans Hope For New Start

Fans speculated in October that Lovelyz may have disbanded and left their label Woollim Entertainment. Because the label was concentrating on their other groups; the third-gen girl group’s activity had substantially decreased.

Even the members, like the fans, have expressed a desire for additional comebacks. The K-pop group’s most recent album was released a year ago. With only one month until Lovelyz’s contract with Woollim expires, fans questioned if the band would break up.

Woollim issued a statement on November 1 that more or less confirms this storey. They stated that their contract with Lovelyz was set to expire on November 16th. The members had a lengthy conversation with the label; and their future with the band is in doubt.

Woollim will lose seven of its eight members. Only Baby Soul, who is also the group’s leader; appears to be renewing her contract with Woollim. Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Sujeong, and Yein’s contracts with the label will not be renewed.

Woollim shared, “The 7 members of Lovelyz will start anew in a new place”. Regarding the member who stayed back, they added, “As a supporter of Baby Soul, who has been with us for a long time, we will not spare out full support for Baby Soul’s new leap forward and future activities.”

It should be recalled that when their contract expired in March; their popular boy group Infinite was in a similar scenario. The majority of the members departed the label after a forced break, although the group is still together. Fans hope that the same can be done for Lovelyz; and that the group will not be forced to separate due to the fact that the members are represented by different agencies.

Fans trended Lovelyz and Woollim as they had mixed reactions to the news. One fan said, “No but Lovelyz deserved one last album. Screw Woollim for not giving it to them.” Another tweeted, “Woollim should disband not lovelyz”. One hoped that Lovelyz would ‘pull an Infinite’, “Wait 7 of 8 of lovelyz left woollim but babysoul staying??? is she pulling sungjong woohyun card so they can stay as lovelyz.” Another shared, “Lovelyz is disbanding soon our girls is so near to the new start called FREEDOM.”

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