Ateez Announces Concert For Fanclub Anniversary, Atinys Ask If It Is Free

Even though the era of ‘Fever Part 3’ is over, Ateez isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The K-pop group announced a special online concert a day after the promotions for their second title track, ‘Eternal Sunshine,’ ended.

The boy group unveiled a cryptic poster ahead of their third debut anniversary on October 24. On October 19, their label, KQ, announced that the boys will perform a special online concert dubbed “Ateez XR Show [Fever: eXtended edition].”

Ateez has been hard at work on their next album, “Zero: Fever Part 3.” With the tracks ‘Deja Vu’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine,’ they brought back their title track voting tradition. The lads returned this month with the release of the ‘Eternal Sunshine’ music video, following a successful promotional campaign for ‘Deja Vu.’ ‘Eternal Sunshine,’ in contrast to the dark and sombre ‘Deja Vu,’ was bright and happy, with a brilliant idea and colourful clothing that the group wore for the music show performances.

Ateez wrapped up promotions for ‘Eternal Sunshine’ on October 17th. It appears that they are currently preparing for their special online concert. To commemorate their Fanclub’s third anniversary, the ‘Ateez XR Show [Fever: eXtended version]’ will be held on November 14 at 3 p.m. KST (2 a.m. ET).

On November 17, 2018, the Fanclub Atiny was founded. The concert will feature XR technology, which includes live stages and VCR footage that have been pre-recorded. Later, the live streaming platform and tickets will be revealed.

The event will give Ateez the opportunity to expand their universe and explain the significance of the Chromer (hourglass) that has been in their music videos since their debut to their most recent appearances on the survival show ‘Kingdom.’ We may also learn more about the tree that has been in their concept pictures and music videos from the start of the ‘Fireworks’ era.

Fans are excited about the concert as they made tweets like, “So what, we have an online concert???? Or a world tour????? Tell me!!! My money is ready.” Atinys also asked “important questions” like, “Is this free besties?” Another fan joked, “Just take my money.” One shared, “How about eXtend my bank account instead.”


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