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Lost Vegas, an anime version of the Army of the Dead, will be released in Spring 2022

Army of the Dead, the most recent hit from Zack Snyder, will get an anime spinoff in early 2022. In May 2021, Netflix will release Army of the Dead. The film was a ridiculous zombie robbery that cleverly touched on themes of quarantine and infection, which were rendered all the more topical by the recent coronavirus outbreak. Fans should expect more Army of the Dead content in the future, according to Snyder.

The Army of the Dead anime will premiere in Spring 2022, according to THR. Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas will be the title of the spinoff series. It, like its predecessor Army of the Dead, will be accessible to view on Netflix.

Lost Vegas

This indicates that the anime could be available for streaming less than a year after the release of the film. In addition, Netflix customers may look forward to the release of Army of Thieves, a German Army of the Dead prequel, this fall.

After their production business Stone Quarry and Warner Bros. split ways, Snyder and his wife Wesley Coller teamed up with Netflix. Before Army of the Dead was even launched, Netflix showed its faith in the brand by greenlighting the prequel and anime spinoff.

This allows Snyder and Coller to release the original, prequel, and anime spinoff all within six months of one other, much to their delight. Viewers will have to wait and see if the efficiency improves the anime sequel’s quality or if it degrades it.

Army of the Dead, a group of mercenaries, travels into the quarantine zone after a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas for the greatest theft ever.

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