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New Twitter Emojis for the DC Titans

Before the third season of DC’s Titans premieres on August 12th, the show has released a bunch of new Twitter emojis. DC and Warner Bros. haven’t shied away from using social media to promote the upcoming season, sharing a slew of fresh screenshots on their Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit accounts ahead of the season’s premiere teaser earlier this month.

Titans, which once aired on DC Universe, is moving to HBO Max for its second season, bringing it more in line with Warner Bros.’ other DC-related content.

The third season, based on the Teen Titans comics, will see the team of young heroes travel to Gotham City, where they will meet up with characters from Dick Grayson’s past, such as Barbara Gordon and Scarecrow, as well as investigate the vigilante Red Hood, who is leading a one-person war against the city’s criminal elements.

In addition, the series will witness the proper introduction of Starfire/Kory Ander’s wicked elder sister Blackfire/Komand’r, who was seen arriving on Earth at the end of the second season, as well as the possible consequences from Donna Troy’s death and likely resurrection.

Twitter Emojis

The DC Titans on Max Twitter account revealed a number of Twitter emojis matching to the show’s various heroes and villains in anticipation of the new season of Titans. When users tweet with the hashtag of the character’s name, such as #Nightwing, the emojis will show.

The majority of the emojis are rather clear, such as Nightwing and Superboy’s logos, but some are still relevant to the characters, such as Beast Boy’s green tiger, Donna Troy’s lasso, and Raven’s crystal. However, some of the emojis are more abstract, such as Blackfire, who appears to have a purple eye.

titans twiiter emojis

The emojis will also appear on the hashtags for the character’s real name, actor’s name, and character’s name with show name – for example, #DickGrayson, # BrentonThwaites, and #NightwingTitans.

Titans fans are excited for season 3, especially since it appears to be incorporating elements of DC’s Under the Red Hood storyline into the overall plot. It’ll be interesting to watch how fans react to the new characters as well as the changes to existing ones, particularly Jason Todd’s transition from Robin in the previous season to Red Hood in the new one following his death.

Todd’s more brutal and deadly approach in the comics puts him at odds with Batman, but it appears that Titans will focus on Nightwing instead.

As a result, fans will definitely see a lot of these emojis circulating on Titans threads on Twitter when the season premieres on August 12th.


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