Lizzo’s Pregnancy Rumours Debunked As Chris Evans Speculation Continues News

Lizzo’s Pregnancy Rumours Debunked As Chris Evans Speculation Continues

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Time icon August 26, 2021

American singer Lizzo has continued to make the news because of her pregnancy rumours. The rapper had posted a TikTok earlier this month where she claimed to be pregnant with Chris Evans’ child.

Her fans clearly know it’s a joke and she is shooting her shot online with the Captain America actor. The pregnancy video went viral and turned out to be a part of her fun banter. She hilariously cradles her belly while she reveals she is expecting a “Little America”. This is a reference for Chris’ fan-favourite character, Captain America.

Lizzo shared that this was something she has been trying to keep personal and private between her and the father of her child. However, she adds that everyone is airing out all the rumours so she revealed she has been sucking in. Lizzo hilariously claimed, “We’re gonna have a Little America!”

Fans went into a frenzy after Chris responded to this humorously by texting Lizzo on Instagram. Chris told Lizzo that his mother will be happy with the news of their bundle of joy. He asked her to promise him to have no gender reveal parties. This was all fun and games until Lizzo left fans confused when she posted about our pregnancy status once again.

On August 24, the rapper posted on TikTok yet again and sported a large baby bump. The singer was caressing her belly as her song Rumours played in the background. After the new video, a TikTok user blended her and Chris Evans’ faces to find out what their offspring would look like.

Fans Left Confused Over Lizzo’s Numerous Pregnancy TikToks

Lizzo left the internet talking after she created a duet using the fan video where Chris and her faces are blended together. The singer already left the internet by storm after appearing on a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel with guest host Niall Horan. Her fans were left overwhelmed by their on-air chemistry and started rooting for them.

The rapper and Chris have been making headlines but everyone knows that it is a part of their hilarious online banter. Earlier, Lizzo had struck a friendship with the Captain America actor after she slid into his DMs drunk. Chris responded to her which only made the internet lose their minds as he said he has done worse on the app.

Their funny exchange blossomed into a friendship and also led to the ongoing pregnancy joke between Lizzo and Chris. More recently, fans of the Truth Hurts artist were left confused after she posted another series of pregnancy clips on her TikTok. The majority of her fans did understand the nature of the videos and took it as a continuing joke. However, several users expressed their doubts regarding the same.

Few fans helped debunk the rumours as they pointed out that the singer simply used a bowl to create a fake baby bump. Lizzo also addressed her fun banter with the Avengers star during an appearance on the Sprout Podcast. She described the actor as “very cool” and was glad that he had a great sense of humour.

Lizzo said,

Chris is like, very cool. I’m so glad he has a great sense of humor because anyone else probably would have been so annoyed by me by now. The fact that I keep making Tiktoks about it, so he’s probably like, damn, okay, they know, but you know this is incredible.”

In addition to Chris Evans, Lizzo was recently appreciated for her chemistry with Niall Horan. On Tuesday, August 24, the This Town singer appeared as a guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live to interview Lizzo about her new song. Fans appreciated their flirty conversation and began shipping them together as they demanded for a new talk show with them.

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