Jake Paul’s Final Message To Tyron Woodley Ahead Of Their Fight

The internet is braced to watch Jake Paul face-off with the toughest opponent of his career so far, Tyron Woodley. The former UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley already sent out a ‘scary message’ to Jake Paul a few days ago. But now, Jake has got something to say!

Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley is happening this Sunday, on the 29th of August. As the fight draws closer, the fighters are getting busy with media workouts, public conferences, and official weigh-ins.

What Did Jake Paul Say?

In the midst of all the upcoming events prior to the official fight, Jake Paul’s final message to Tyron Woodley is that he will “knock him the fu*k out”.

Jake Paul took to his Instagram stories to give a message to his opponent. In the video message, Jake was seen having a skincare beauty face mask on and his hair was tied in a tiny ponytail. He said “hey Tyron Woodley, i got a message for you. I’m about to knock you the fu*k out, Tyron. Yeah, I got pink ti*s, yeah I do skincare.. wtf is up’… and the video cuts!

‘The World Will See’

He also posted multiple pictures on his Instagram account with his girlfriend Julia Rose, brother Logan Paul, mother Pam, his dog, and his crew. The picture was captioned “In 4 days I fight for more than what’s at the surface level.. I fight for my family, my friends, my coaches, my city, my dog, for shadow, for history, a greater purpose, and for respect.. Sunday, August 29th the world will see what I’m made of..”

The boxing match between Jake and Tyron will take place in the former’s hometown at the Rocket Mortage Fieldhouse stadium. Jake’s elder brother Logan commented saying ‘let’s go killer’ under the post.

Nah He Tweakin

However, under Jake Paul’s post, there was a barrage of ‘nah he tweakin’ comments. Now if you are not aware of the ongoing ‘nah he tweakin’ trend on the Internet, you’re missing out big time!

Click here to find out the mystery behind ‘nah he tweakin’ comments under Jake Paul’s post, and presumably on every post on Instagram.

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