Leilani Dowding Blames ‘Fat People’ For Prolonged COVID Lockdown News

Leilani Dowding Blames ‘Fat People’ For Prolonged COVID Lockdown

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Time icon March 20, 2021

It is nothing new for the general public to see Leilani Dowding make a controversial and buzzy statement! This time the Real Housewives star Leilani has gone on record to say that the ‘fat people’ are the reason for the pandemic lockdowns and other restrictions being extended across the country.

Leilani Dowding is amongst the celebrities who have voiced concerns about the authenticity of the pandemic, the effectiveness of using masks, and social distancing norms. Just in the beginning of 2021, the former Page 3 fame was seen at a Tesco outlet without wearing a face mask.

What Did Leilani Say?

Leilani openly declared that the lockdown is over for her which means she intends to no longer follow the protocols in place.

In conversation with Daily Star, the actress commented “it seems that healthy people who believe in good food, fresh air, and vitamins are accused of spreading misinformation and it tends to be unhealthy people with poor dirts who rely on big pharma accusing them”.

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She went on to say that after she saw blog posts and read articles about the relationship between obesity and the severity of the virus, she thinks it is very ‘unfair for healthy people to be locked down like that’. “They are (fat and obese people) causing a strain on the NHS”, Leilani Dowding continued.

‘Selfish People’

Leilani has been a fierce critic of the pandemic protocols but she is also a supporter of vaccines on the other hand. She says anyone who doesn’t want the jab is ‘selfish’ and it’s one’s moral responsibility to get inoculated.

COVID cases in England have crossed 4.2 million and over 120,000 deaths have been recorded in the country. The UK Government has planned a phased lifting of the lockdowns.

More About Dowding

Leilani became the first woman of Asian origin to represent the UK at the Miss Universe pageant.

Following the success of her pageant history, Leilani dropped out of university to fully focus on her modelling career – and made her big Page 3 debut in The Sun in 1999.

The stunner Page 3 girl Leilani ranked number 89 on the FHM Sexiest Women in the World list.

Apart from her modelling professMoreion, the star has also been seen on a host of reality shows including Faking It, Celebrity Fear Factor and Celebrity Wrestling.

She also owns her own clothing line called the Leiluna Collection.

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