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Late TikToker Swavy’s Family Demands Apology From Wendy Williams For Insensitive Remarks

The family of late TikToker Swavy has recently called out Wendy Williams for her insensitive remarks on the young social media influencer. They claim she made the remarks while announcing his tragic death on The Wendy Williams Show.

In the unfortunate events of 5th July 2021, Swavy, also known as Babyface was shot in Delaware. This news shocked the entire online community and left everyone heartbroken. Many fans took to their social media to mourn the death of the TikToker.

Wendy Williams had talked about Swavy’s death on 7th June 2021. She discussed it under the ‘Hot Topics’ section of her TV show. Williams seemingly made fun of the TikTok star by comparing his followers’ count and mocking his appearance. She compared her followers vs his and said, “He’s a TikTok star. He’s got more followers than me, 2.5 million. “

Before comparing and announcing his death, Wendy also said she doesn’t know who this is and asked the audience to clap if they knew him. The host then went on to compare the followers and her way of presenting this sensitive news was not appreciated. The show host faced backlash on social media for her comments on the late TikToker.

However, Swavy’s family had been silent on the issue, but have now come forward and opened up about Wendy William’s treatment of the tragic incident which shook their life. Swavy was known for his dance videos and skits. He was a popular social media influencer and a TikToker.

“Wendy has always been a messy person. That’s what her life consists of this gossip and reporting stories.”

The late influencer’s family told TMZ as they expressed their disappointment. Swavy’s elder brother, Rahkim Clark, deemed Wendy as a “messy person”. He said, “Wendy has always been a messy person. That’s what her life consists of this gossip and reporting stories. But this is not just any other story, this is not a highlight, this is not a hot topic, this is our real life and we are dealing with this in reality.”

He also called her out for painting the wrong image of the late TikToker on her show. Rahkim expressed that it was a false narrative and a false story. He said that she painted him as a thug and a drug dealer. The late influencer’s mother also expressed her opinion on the matter as she questioned how Wendy put a child out there like that while being a mother herself.

She said, “Nobody knew him like that. I mean online, he was popular online but we was gonna spread his wings by himself… my son shouldn’t have been shot down in the streets like that for somebody to recognize who he is. He was already getting recognition.” The mother of Swavy further issued an apology from Wendy.

Swavy’s mother, Chanell Clark further talked about the experience of dealing with her son’s death.

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