Stranger Things’ David Harbour teases Plans for the Hopper Story Arc

In terms of Jim Hopper’s false death and resurrection, David Harbour teased the Stranger Things story arc concept. Stranger Things premiered on Netflix in 2016 and has remained one of the streaming service’s most popular original series after three seasons. Season 4’s release date is still unknown due to coronavirus delays, but that hasn’t stopped one of the show’s stars from hinting to the show’s future.

Harbour, who plays Hopper on Stranger Things, has spoken out about his character’s return on multiple occasions. He recently linked Hopper’s resurrection in Stranger Things to the rebirth of Gandalf. Hopper was believed killed at the end of season 3, but now that his survival has been confirmed by the crew, many fans are interested about the circumstances behind his survival.

A post-credit scene implied that Hopper was in a Russian prison, implying that the season could take place in another country and explore Hopper’s prison experiences. Meanwhile, Harbour has recently reconsidered whether Hopper’s return should be characterised as a resurrection or rebirth.

Hopper’s Story

During SiriusXM’s “Pop Culture Spotlight,” Harbour revealed Stranger Things’ story arc ideas for Hopper, according to ET Canada. Harbour talked on how Hopper’s story arc has been in the works since the beginning of the show, as he and the creators have searched for the character’s most profound and meaningful path.

Season 4 will clarify a lot of what they chose and planned for Hopper’s arc. This, according to Harbour, will be accomplished by Hopper’s resurrection, which will result in the development of something new.

According to Harbour’s statement, Season 4 will be a pivotal season for his character’s development. It’s relieving to learn that Hopper’s fake death and subsequent resurrection were part of a larger scheme. Given the dramatic nature of his character’s death at the end of Season 3, his resurrection in Season 4 may appear rushed.

The concept that his death imparts some “newness” in Hopper and his parenting of Eleven, on the other hand, gives his resurrection additional meaning. As he strives to re-establish vital relationships following his time in a Russian jail, Hopper’s homecoming will have a significant impact on Season 4.

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