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KSI Apologizes After Receiving Backlash Over KSI Show

Olajide ‘KSI’ Olantunji is dealing with criticism in a constructive way. The rapper took to his YouTube channel to reveal that the KSI show will air on July 17th on

This was supposedly a show which would only air exclusively on the website itself. His fans were extremely thrilled to watch the show after the release of his latest album, All Over The Place. However, the show did not please anyone as it did not turn out to be a “live” event.

The rapper took to YouTube and posted a video called The KSI Show was Bad? He also took to his Reddit forum to point out the hits and misses of the show. As to why the fans were displeased, here’s the deal. They were unhappy with the show and took to the Internet to express themselves.

Fans were excited because it was supposed to be a 90-minute show which was hosted on the Moment House platform alone. However, the show did not meet the time limit a few videos of the event even surfaced on the internet illegally. KSI addressed the situation with the timings and said, “I f***ked up with the timings. I’m sorry.”

The rapper added that his team was actively trying to take down the illegal streaming but there were too many. He further said it was impossible to dismantle every single illegal streamer. Fans were also under the perception that the show will be airing in much better quality and would also be uploaded on Youtube later.

“I never said I was going to fight him.”

However, KSI denied these rumours and stated that the show will air again on July 20th and 23rd on the Moment House platform. The internet further pointed out that the skits were cringe and rather mediocre. They also shared that some of the performances were pre-recorded and the singers were lip-syncing which KSI denied.

Fans were also displeased that the singer did not mention the hidden fees and teased them with a KSI and Logan Paul fight. He apologized for teasing the fight and said, “I never said I was going to fight him. I don’t think it would have made sense for me to fight him.” The internet was also furious that the live show was not actually live.

He addressed that and said, “That is every live show. I don’t know how you thought I was going to do all of that with all those guests on the live show.” The rapper also reacted to the memes of the show and had his fans roast him. His video ended with him apologizing again for disappointing his viewers and fans.

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