Kristen Bell Revealed People Mom-Shamed Her

Kristen Bell revealed that she was mom-shamed after admitting in an interview that her daughter still wears diapers.

In an interview with Today’s parents, Kristen Bell talked about the mom-shaming she suffered after revealing her daughter wears diapers. She says her 5-year-old, Delta, is no longer in diapers because of the mom-shaming.

Earlier, in an interview for Momsplaining, Kristen Bell shared that her daughter still wears diapers. She also explained that parents should not be judged because of other people’s kids. Every kid will be different so will the experience.

Kristen explained how easy it was for her eldest daughter to be potty trained. Her eldest daughter was 21 months old when the parents told her to use the toilet in the other room. She chimed how easy it was and did not understand at the time why people made a big deal out of potty training. It is so easy to train.

However, she was proven wrong by her youngest daughter, Delta. Kristen revealed then that her youngest is 5 and a half and she still wears diapers.

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After that, Kristen received a lot of backlash for her revelation. People said a five-year-old is too old to wear a diaper. Kristen, however, responded to all the criticisms with a picture she posted on her social media handle. She wore a t-shirt with ‘MOTHER UP’ written on it. Kristen paired it with a cute beanie.

She also took to Twitter to actually respond. Kristen wrote that it is not humiliating that your kid wears diapers late. She explained that everyone is different. The actor reveals that her five-year-old is not embarassed by wearing a diaper during the day. She continued saying her daughter does not see her beautiful unique as something to apologize for.

Kristen responded to one of her fans who is also a mother and assured her she is not a failure. She said that every kid is different and revealed that her husband did not learn to read until he was in 5th grade. Kristen continues saying that her husband anyway graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCLA. She advises her to love the kids hard and let them fly.

However, after the backlash Kristen and husband, Dax, decided to push their five-year-old out of her diapers. The star recently spoke with Today’s Parents again and revealed how she made her daughter stop wearing them entirely.

The couple revealed that they wake their daughter up by 11 pm, while she is still sleepy, and put her on the toilet. Dax said they put a wet spaghetti noodle on the toilet once a night. Although Kristen assured that no parent should feel ashamed if their kid has an irregular pattern of potty training.

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Kristen said sometimes it takes kids some more time than usual to learn something. But she said that she has not met a high-schooler who pees in their pants the entire day. Kristen says it will stop at some point.

The couple also shares their eldest daughter, Lincoln who is seven-years-old.

The pair started dating in 2007 and tied the knot 2013. They delayed their wedding until California legalized same-sex marriage. Both Kristen and Dax have quite recently collaborated with a baby-care line, Hello Bello.

We agree with Kristen and Dax. Every child is different and their growing process is going to be different. If only the internet would stop mom-shaming all the wonderful mothers out there, this would be a better place for parents.

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