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Korean Netflix Series Kingdom Spin-Off Rumored To Be In Works

There are rumors that a new spin-off is in development of the Kingdom series. It will broadcast on Netflix with the name Kingdom: The Crown Prince (also called Kingdom: Three Characters in literal translation).

However, there is no certain confirmation to these claims as of now

About Kingdom Series

The Kingdom is by far one of the most elite and popular Korean language Netflix Originals. It is South Korea’s most watched and loved show on Netflix.

Even Netflix claims that the title has become a “favorite story” in Korea and beyond.

Upcoming Third Season

With the third season still in the pipeline and not yet released, fans will be thrilled to find out that a new spin-off episode is also rumored to be on Netflix.

The third season is set to arrive on July 23, 2021 on the platform. Hurray! The series already has two complete seasons on Netflix.

Spin-Off Show Rumors

Newsen has released a report on June 29, 2021 that say that an official from Netflix confirmed that a special version of the Kingdom would be produced, but Netflix had already stated that “no decision has been made.”

What this could mean is that Netflix may be waiting for a subscriber response to the upcoming Kingdom: North Ashin before deciding on any further release.

If the upcoming season fetches popularity as we expect, we are definitely expecting to see more of the Kingdom in the near future.

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