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Season 7 of The Flash corrects a previous Arrowverse crossover error

The Flash season 7 finale ended with Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen ultimately renewing their vows after the events of the Crisis on Earth-X crossover. Iris and Barry’s love story has been crucial to the Arrowverse series since The Flash premiered in 2014.

While Barry and Iris were engaged in season three of The Flash, it wasn’t until the fourth season that they married. However, like most superhero weddings in comic books, Iris and Barry’s particular celebration in season 4 of The Flash did not proceed as planned.

While the wedding of Iris and Barry brought the heroes together in Crisis on Earth-X, the 2017 crossover took a tragic turn when Nazis from another world invaded Earth-1. The Flash had to postpone his wedding to Iris because Overgirl, Dark Arrow, and their Earth-X army arrived while they were in the middle of their ceremony.

In the Legends of Tomorrow segment of the crossover, Iris and Barry attempted to marry after defeating them. They were not prepared, however, for Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen of Arrow to decide to make it a double wedding.

2017 Crossover

Felicity and Oliver’s hasty decision to marry has always looked ugly, as they stole Iris and Barry’s thunder in the last scene of the 2017 crossover. Despite the fact that the Nazi narrative brought Oliver and Felicity closer together again, it’s still not a good look that they made their friends’ wedding about themselves. But that was fixed in the season 7 finale of The Flash.

After eventually defeating Godspeed, Barry asked Iris to repeat their vows to each other, resulting in a happy ending to the finale. It was not only lovely for Iris and Barry to be able to do so with their current and future family members, but it was also a time The Flash had earned during the Crisis on Earth-X.

Iris and Barry’s vow renewal ceremony was made more engaging in the long run because to The Flash season 7 finale, mostly since it took place on their own series. Bart singing to his parents was also very touching, as it was a subtle nod to Supergirl’s performance at Iris and Barry’s first wedding.

It was also a great follow-up to The Flash’s landmark 150th episode, which honoured the West-Allen family. Even if Oliver and Felicity should never have crashed Barry and Iris’ wedding in the first place, The Flash season 7 was able to make apologies for them.

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