Netflix Original Series The Investigator: A British Crime Story To Depart From The Platform

Netflix’s Original series named The Investigator: A British Crime Story is going to leave Netflix in the US and many other regions where it is being counted as a Netflix Original series in August 2021.

Presented by the British journalist named Mark Williams-Thomas, The Investigator: A British Crime Story was first aired for the first time back in 2016. The series was widely appreciated and compared to Making a Murderer.

Two Seasons, Seven Episodes

The first season focused on the killing of various victims and the character’s efforts to obtain all the evidence in the case.

7 episodes were released in all two seasons. The first season hit Netflix screens on August 19, 2018, and the second arrived two years later on March 5, 2020.

Now, three years later, the series which was released for the first time on Netflix is planning for its exit in all Netflix regions except Netflix in the UK. In the UK, the series came to Netflix after a while and will stay for a little longer before departing.

Why The Departure?

Although the series was a Netflix Original, Netflix only has licensing rights to the title even though it is exclusive. This is becoming more and more common with Netflix Originals leaving the streaming platform.

The Investigator will not be the only Netflix Original that is leaving the platform in August 2021. Another docuseries Marching Orders will also be on the go.

The rights to the series actually lie with Syco Entertainment who sold the show to ITV and overseas rights to Netflix. That’s the same production company that owns the Got Talent franchise and The X Factor.

Netflix has many other shows of this type that can fill the space for The Investigator: A British Crime Story.

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