Khloe Kardashian Is The New Face Of Ipsy And Customers Are Not Happy

The beauty subscription service Ipsy is facing backlash for unveiling Khloe Kardashian as the new face of their brand.

 Few customers received the news quite positively but many others expressed their disappointment. They referred it to her ever-changing appearance using Photoshop on most of her photos and her probable plastic surgery.

Ipsy’s Announcement

The brand took to their Facebook page to announce the news on Monday. They wrote, “Meet our newest brand partner Khloe Kardashian! Here’s everything you need to know about her passion for beauty.” Ipsy also shared a link with a lengthy description on their blog of Khloe’s love for beauty products. This also included a list of must-have cosmetic items.

The post received a dozen comments from customers and most of them were not happy about the decision of having Khloe as their face. One user commented saying The Good American’s passion for beauty was a whole new face. Another user wrote, “Ipsy we want real woman, someone relatable, someone with a real face, someone that is humble. This isn’t it, she isn’t it. Do better Ipsy.”

Khloé Kardashian Joins Ipsy As Brand Partner - Beauty Packaging

 Another rather disappointed user said all things of beauty is coming from someone who chops and screws her face for sport. Further adding the person said in spite of all that they still need to photoshop every picture.

What Is Ipsy?

Ipsy is a brand of customizable service that ships glam bags filled with beauty and makeup products to subscribers for a monthly fee ranging from $12 to $37. Few of their customers were so unhappy that they decided to cancel their subscription following the news of Khloe.

Reaction From The Customers

“I guess it’s time to cancel my subscription. Will not support anything Kardashian/Jenner. So disappointing. Smdh,” said one of the users. Khloe’s appearance on the Ipsy promotional photos also caused quite a stir. People were accusing her of using photoshop once again as one user said they did not even recognize her. The user wrote, “So, is her new beauty product line about changing how you look? No thanx. Comm’on Ipsy. I thought you were all about everyday women bringing out their best? I suddenly feel out of place.”

Another Instagram user accused the Good American founder of going ‘full-on Beyonce drag.” This is not the first time Khloe is being called out for her changing looks. Most of the photos that she has shared comes with a lot of criticism from people saying they do not recognize her.

The picture that received the most criticism was posted back in May. She posted a picture from KUWTK shoot as she showed off her figure in a white corset-top. Her face confused a lot of fans as she appeared to be more slimmer and her eyes were visibly different.

 However, the unfiltered images were revealed in a scene that aired on the show of KUWTK. One user immediately made a comparison of the edited image and the original. However, Khloe seems to be unbothered about her appearance. A source informed, “Khloe doesn’t care about the backlash she has been getting from fans saying she doesn’t loo like herself in her recent phtos.” The source added Khloe thinks she looks great and she actually does not care as long as she is happy.

 Khloe also poked fun at the backlash as she clapped back at a fan who asked her why she was looking so different. She said it is because of her “weekly face transplant clearly.”

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