Taylor Swift Fans Troll Jake Gyllenhaal’s Childhood Pic

Taylor Swift’s fans have made it pretty clear that they would not be forgetting Taylor’s relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal, back in 2010.

The actor posted the picture to celebrate The Inspire Project Human series. He shared a black-and-white picture of himself. Jake captioned the image saying he has worn glasses ever since he has parted his hair with gel. He continued saying that is new eyes have always been near and dear to him.

‘All Too Well’

The Stronger actor wrote, “Since 1932, @neweyes_ has provided eyeglasses to people who needed them most. I’m thrilled that they’ve partnered with @theinspireprojectus to create Project Human: Changing the Way We See the World, a speaker series coming to schools and remote learners this fall. Project Human is designed to spark conversations focusing on unity and equality. It’s an opportunity for students to interact with public figures and do what they do best: Keep ‘em on their toes!’”

However, Jake was reminded about his previous romance with Taylor, as he took to social media and throwback photo of himself as a kid. He was wearing eyeglasses in the childhood picture and Swifties trolled him with the lyrics to Taylor’s song, ‘All Too Well’.

Taylor had released the song back in 2012 which is speculated to be about Taylor and Jake’s relationship. The former couple were spotted spending Thanksgiving together at his sister Maggie’s home in Brooklyn. The couple parted their ways in 2011 by New Year’s. One of the lines of the song says, “Photo album on the counter, your cheeks were turning red/You used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin sized bed.”

A source had confirmed that the lyrics to the song was about their three-month 2010 romance. The song has been a fan favourite because of the famous lyrics about Taylor leaving a scarf at Jake’s sister’s house.

The Trolls

The post had Taylor’s fans flooding it with comments by writing the lyrics. One user wrote that Taylor was right and quoted, ‘You used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin sized bed.’ Another user said, “All I hear is ‘All Too Well’ when I look at this.”

Another comment read that Jake set himself up by posting the throwback photo on his Instagram. Jake has never really opened up about his relationship with Taylor. Although he did tell Howard Stern in 2015 that she was a beautiful girl. A fan wrote that it was a mistake if he thought Swifties won’t come for him after posting that photo.

An entertainment portal also questioned Jake on July 2015 about his film, Southpaw. He also commented on his appearance on Good Morning America when they played Taylor’s song, Bad Blood in the background. Many of the viewers pointed out that the song was put up in the background for a purpose. However, Jake said he did not even notice that.

He said he will always be some place doing his job. The actor said, “My job is the most important. I’m not really listening to background anything.” However, back in 2018, Jake did humor Boston Marathon bombing survivor and double amputee Jeff Bauman. Jake portrayed his role in his film Stronger. In a Q&A, he was asked if he lost his legs in real life, does he think Taylor would write a country song about it. He responded saying she has moved more into pop now.

Swift has been dating British actor Joe Alwyn since 2017, while Jake has been seeing model Jeanne Cadieu for nearly two years.

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