Katy Perry Shares A Sneak Peek Of Her Baby Girl’s Nursery as She Prepares to Give Birth

Katy Perry is getting ready to welcome her bundle of joy! The 35-year-old singer looks like she’s totally prepared to meet her baby girl, as she gave fans a sneak peek at her daughter’s nursery.

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The “Smile” singer has been super open about her pregnancy journey since the beginning, and now that her due date is fast approaching, she’s been sharing the couple’s final preparations with fans.

On Sunday, the pop star, who is expecting her first child with fiancé, Orlando Bloom, gave fans a first look at her daughter’s Pink-themed nursery during her weekly, Smile Sunday live stream show. The singer has been hosting her #SmileSunday live streams each Sunday over the past few weeks. In order to promote her forthcoming album, Smile, which is slated for release on August 28.

A Pretty Pink Nursery and Adorable outfits

“Hey everyone, I’m going to show you my baby room,” Perry excitedly said with a grin as she stood in the entryway of the room. Moving away from the door, Perry showed off a set of baby clothes that she had hanging on the wall of the room. Before giving viewers a glimpse of her baby’s crib, rocking chair and changing area. The star, who is expected to give birth very soon, pretended to cry as she gushed over how pretty the nursery was.

Placing her laptop down, Perry then asked viewers if they wanted to see her daughter’s outfits. She then went on to pull out an adorable and hilarious Adidas onesie adorned with images of Orlando Bloom’s face on it. The precious onesie was supposedly gifted to Perry when she was in Australia earlier this year.

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Some of her other favorite outfits included a dress decorated with Eggo waffles, a pink onesie, Hello Kitty overalls, a sailor suit and a rainbow-covered dress. Katy herself rocked a multi-colored polka dot outfit reminiscent of a clown suit, in honour of her latest album cover, Smile. It’s safe to say Baby Perry-Bloom will be just as brightly and adorably dressed as her mother.

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Answering Fan Questions

While the singer has not publicly shared her exact due date, during an Instagram Live chat with fans following the announcement, she revealed the baby would be arriving “this summer.” During the live stream, Perry also referred to her daughter, as “Kicky Perry,” and joked that she wants to “evict” her baby soon.

During the 45-minute live stream, the pop singer connected with her fans and answered some of their questions. When asked by a fan what her Smile tour might look like someday, Perry quipped, “Who’s to know if anyone is going out in the world anymore?” But if the opportunity to tour behind the album does arise, she promises it will be “funny, weird, very modern art, wild, left-of-center, strange, joyous (and) dark at times.”

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Another fan asked Perry what the Smile album would smell like if it had a scent. “It would smell maybe like fresh laundry,” the singer replied. “Like the beginning of the day. Fresh laundry. Like newness, like clearness. Like what you smell when you go outside and you’re on your way to school and it’s just clean for a second, until all hell breaks loose.”

Perry also played a snippet of her new Smile song “Tucked.” Which is about “having a naughty fantasy and keeping it tucked” and “being able to play with imagination whenever you want to,” she said.

Katy Perry’s ‘Two Babies’

As Perry concluded her nursery tour, she took a seat in her rocking chair. “I think that’s it guys,” Perry said. “There she is, there she goes. Here I am, where I’ll be for the next forever, just rocking back and forth.” Perry signed off by telling fans that she has all of her baby diapers “ready to go” as she awaits the arrival of her daughter. The singer is scheduled to host her next #SmileSunday live stream on August 23.

In a recent Interview, Katy spoke about her excitement regarding the arrival of her ‘Two Babies.’

“We’re coming to the end, guys! I’m excited!” Katy said in reference to both her pregnancy and the wait for her upcoming album, Smile. “I’m delivering two babies,” she joked. “I have an album coming out August 28 called Smile and a daughter coming out whenever the hell she wants to!”

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“Let’s see what the universe has in store for me”

In the same interview, Katy also revealed some of her baby names. The singer realized she’s super into the name Harley (named after her song “Harley’s in Hawaii.”) “I’ve never thought of Harley… ever!” she said. “Wow! Harley is a great name! Harley Bloom. Hold on… excuse me I’m writing it down… But honestly, I’m telling you, this is a really great addition. I’ll send it to [Orlando]. It’s beautiful!”

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She also confirmed that she plans to have more kids, saying, “It’s not like I’m not just going to have one, I think, I mean, I hope. I hope! Let’s see what the universe has in store for me but I think this is going to be on my ‘forever’ list.”

“I’m so excited to have a little daddy’s girl”

Perry isn’t the only one bursting with excitement about her future daughter. Dad-to-be, Orlando Bloom couldn’t be more excited either for their baby to be born. During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last week, Bloom discussed his anticipation over having a little girl.

“I’ve been feeling very grateful, obviously, I have a little baby girl on the way,” he said, grinning. “I’m so excited to have a little daddy’s girl. I hope she’s going to love me as much as I love her. That daddy girl thing and that love of your life feeling is right around there.”

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Bloom added that his 9-year-old son, Flynn, whom he shares with ex-wife Miranda Kerr, is also looking forward to meet his baby sister. “I’ve got a 9-year-old boy. He’s got a couple of other brothers but this is his first sister so he’s excited too,” he shared. “It’s exciting times.”


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