Kanye West Vows To ‘Revive Our Nation’s Commitment’ In New PSA For Presidential Campaign

Rapper Kanye West took to his social media to share the very first campaign ad. He talks about faith, religion, and prayer in the video as he gets ready for the upcoming November elections.

Kanye shared his passion to run for the presidential election to become the leader of a free world. Despite all the difficulties with his health, the rapper has released his first political ad for his campaign. The designer shared the brand new PSA on his social media accounts on October 12.

The rapper talks about faith and why the country needs it. The ad includes numerous photos of his younger self with his family as well as other people. He is seen doing everyday chores with his loved ones.

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“What is America’s destiny? And what is best for our nation, our people? What is just, true justice?” Kanye starts off saying with a serious face in the ad. “We have to think about all these things, together as a people, to contemplate our future, to live up to our dream, we must have vision. We as a people, will revive our nation’s commitment to faith, to what our constitution calls, ‘the free exercise of religion’, including, of course, prayer.”

He continues to say that through prayer, we can restore faith. The rapper explained that people are called for a greater purpose than themselves. Kanye explains that people should be serving, encouraging, helping, and lifting each other. He went on, “We have to act on faith with the sure knowledge that we are pursuing the right goals and doing the right things.”

Kanye’s Chaotic Presidential Rally

Kanye also shared his vision of building a stronger country by building stronger families. He explained that by turning to faith, we will be the kind of nation and people that God wants us to be. The campaign ended with the words “VOTE” and “WRITE IN KANYE WEST”.

The rapper had previously shared a photo of his ballot for the election with his name written. Kanye was also listed as one of the Vice President candidates on the ballot in the Independent Party.

The rapper announced that he is running his first presidential election back in July. He tweeted at the time, “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States! #2020VISION.”

However, people think his aim for the presidency might not be realistic as he has raised many red flags regarding his health and also missed out on entering a lot of ballots. Although he hasn’t backed out and it seems he would not until after the elections.

Kanye West held his first rally in South Carolina, for his last-minute presidential campaign. It could only be described as chaotic from start to finish. The rapper ranted against abortion, pornography, argued policy with attendees and at one point even broke down in hysterical tears.

The 43-year-old rapper’s rally was held at the Exquis Event Center in North Charleston for registered guests only. The attendees were required to wear masks, sign a COVID-19 liability release form and practice social distancing.

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West appeared on stage with ‘2020’ shaved into the back of his head and wearing what appeared to be a Bulletproof military-style vest.

“Harriet Tubman Never Actually Freed The Slaves”

Kanye rambled an unscripted rant on various topics. However, everything the rapper said did not go down well with the audience. The onlookers grew upset and resounded groans of disapproval when the rapper attacked Harriet Tubman, the anti-slavery activist. Tubman escaped from slavery and subsequently made some 13 missions to rescue approximately 70 enslaved people.

Kanye went on to say, “Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves. She just had the slaves work for other white people,” he said at one point when discussing economic inequality.

The rapper’s recent stint has done little to clarify if he’s actually running for the presidency. West, a former supporter of President Donald Trump, has people wondering whether his campaign is genuine or a publicity stunt to help sell albums or merchandise.

In fact, Kanye seemed to suggest he was more interested in putting out a message than winning the presidency.

“I don’t give a f*** if I win the presidency or not,” he declared. “There are homeless people in front of the Gucci store. I care about these things. And I am in service of God.” He even went on to say, “Politics, America, Trump, Biden, nor Kanye West can free us. The only thing that can free us is obeying the rules that were given to us as a promised land. Freedom does not come from an election. The freedom comes from you not loading up the pornography. The freedom comes from you not taking the Percocet.”

“I Almost Killed My Daughter!”

The event hit another level of emotional intensity when Kanye started hysterically crying on stage, talking about his wife’s almost abortion and recalling his emotional past. The stunned onlookers were even seen trying to calm the rapper down with applause and positive encouragement, however, it didn’t seem to work.

On the topic of Planned Parenthood, Kanye recalled the time his wife, Kim Kardashian West broke the news of her pregnancy to him. “My girlfriend called me screaming, crying. She said ‘I’m pregnant’.”

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West, who was in Paris at the time, described contemplating what to do when he had a divine intervention. “My screen went black and white,” he said. “And God said, if you f*** with my vision If*** with yours.” The rapper revealed he immediately called Kim and said they were gonna have the baby.

“Even if my wife were to divorce me after this speech, she brought North into this world, when I did not want to.” The confession seemed to be too overwhelming to the rapper who yelled at the crowd, “She had the pills in her hand,” as he broke down screaming, “I almost killed my daughter!”

Kanye also grew emotional talking about how he was nearly aborted by his parents himself. “My Mum saved my life. My Dad wanted to abort me,” he said. “There would have been no Kanye West. Because my Dad was too busy.” The rapper just went on a downward spiral from that day forward.


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