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Justin Bieber is spending his lockdown working on new music, check it out!

The pop sensation Justin Bieber is wasting no time while being on lockdown as he is currently working on making new music that he is set to release soon.

During an Instagram live earlier this week, the singer was chatting with some of his fans and while speaking, Justin slipped up and said that he’s been busy working on some special new music while staying home during the quarantine.

Talking more on it, Justin shared, “we are working on something really special now. Be ready. Hopefully, when this all calms downs a little bit, we will be able to release some new stuff and go on tour eventually, so I’m excited for that.”

Justin has been blessing his fans with lots of content via his social media and is often seen doing live chats to stay connected with his fans.

The music sensation was supposed to be hitting the road for his “Changes Tour” on May 14th which got delayed due to the global pandemic.

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