Jupiter’s Legacy Reportedly Had A $200 Million Budget

The rejected Netflix comic book adaptation Jupiter’s Legacy apparently cost the streaming service $200 million, according to budget details. The tale revolves around the world’s original superheroes and their acquisition of their talents on an unexplored island nearly a century ago, based on Mark Millar and Frank Quitely’s Image comics of the same name. After years of adventures, the team is now tasked with guiding their super-powered offspring as they try to live up to their parents’ legacy.

In 2018, Netflix handed the series a direct-to-series order for an eight-episode first season, and former Daredevil showrunner Steven S. DeKnight was hired to create and supervise the project. However, DeKnight departed the project halfway through due to artistic differences and was replaced by Sang Kyu Kim.

Jupiter’s Legacy was finally published this month to largely unfavourable reviews from critics and allegedly low audience numbers, prompting Netflix to terminate the drama, which makes sense given what a recent report has revealed about the drama.

Borys Kit, a writer for The Hollywood Reporter, took to Twitter shortly after the series was cancelled to share his thoughts on Netflix’s decision. Kit disclosed that the series cost Netflix $200 million in total, including reshoots and other production expenditures, despite the fact that no sources close to the production have publicly used the word “cancelled.” Kit called the streaming platform’s “significant loss” because only one season was produced.

Those who enjoyed Jupiter’s Legacy can look forward to Millar’s ongoing collaborations with Netflix under his overall deal, which include live-action and anime adaptations of Super Crooks, despite the series’ early cancelation.

Plus, with his assurance that Jupiter’s story will be continued in the future and his designation of the live-action Crooks as a shared-universe series, the possibility of rejoining the cast from the previous series for the new project remains open. For the time being, viewers will have to wait and see how things play out, as well as relive the first season, until additional information about the series’ future becomes available.


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