Season 3 of ‘Sex Education’ is not expected to premiere until October 2021

Another day, and another fake viral post claiming that Sex Education season 3 would premiere on Netflix in October 2021 has gone viral. Regrettably, though it may return to Netflix in October 2021, no official date has been set for its comeback.

The post in question comes from Netflix Updates, a Facebook page (under the name Netflix Diaries) and a Twitter account. They typically share fan photos of shows, though they’ve been known to make up a poster with dates to indicate a show will be released shortly.

Here’s the current offending fake news post which states that season 3 is due out on Netflix in October 2021. The post is notably fake because it’s using the same assets from season 2 but that doesn’t seem to be stopping some from thinking it’s real.What’s going on here then? First and first, it was posted with the goal of going viral.

Collecting fake internet points, on the other hand, is made extra sweeter if you can also make a few pennies. In this case, that’s exactly what’s going on. A little tag has been added to the end of the aforementioned NetflixLife link. This permits that person to profit from the traffic that is directed to that site.

The most recent false message from this account became viral in February 2021, prompting Netflix to respond. A November 2021 release date was teased on the poster. Below is a link to that Tweet. Of However, as of June 2021, the release date for that show, You season 3, has yet to be decided. This isn’t an unrealistic schedule, but Netflix has yet to confirm it.

Of course, you could argue that this is all in good fun and that no one is hurt, but fake news is rampant in the entertainment industry, and it’s worth fighting it whenever you see it. We advocate using tools like these to learn how to avoid being misled by real and fake news.


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