Julia Rose Shares Cute Moments From Date Night With Boyfriend Jake Paul News

Julia Rose Shares Cute Moments From Date Night With Boyfriend Jake Paul

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September 6, 2021

YouTuber Jake Paul is securing the Ws in all aspects of life. After winning against former UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and maintaining his professional boxing win streak, the influencer is seen spending a lot of time with his beau, Julia Rose.

Julia Rose, even though not yet married to Jake, has already changed her username on Instagram with her boyfriend’s last name (it’s @juiarosepaul). The two are deeply in love and it shows in everything they do together.

Julia Rose regularly shares stories and posts about the love of her life on Instagram. Jake Paul is no less when it comes to showing love publicly to her girlfriend.

The YouTube-turned Professional Boxer even proposed to Julia Rose on Instagram last week. He commented under one of her Instagram posts saying “marry me?”.

“Late Night Date Night”

Recently, Julia Rose and Jake Paul were out for a date night. The two spent some quality time together during their late-night date and Julia couldn’t resist sharing some cute moments from their date to the world.

She took to her Instagram story with a short video of her and Jake sharing a noodle string together, with Jake kissing her when it finishes.

Julia Rose wrote “Late Night Date Night [emoticons] Thank you for being you and everything you do”.

In another story, the cute couple is seen enjoying some quality whine and sharing a kiss. “I Love You,” said Julia Rose.

Bidding Goodbye To Cleveland

The other day Jake Paul was seen bidding goodbye to his hometown in a new Instagram post. Sharing pictures with his girlfriend Julia Rose and his crew members from Lake Eerie in Cleveland, Jake wrote a heartfelt caption under the post.

One of the pictures that Jake Paul shared shows Julia Rose sitting in the lap of Jake Paul as he kisses her cheeks. They both are smiling in the pictures and living the best moments of their life.