Hina Khan encourages Sidharth Shukla’s fan base to stay together

The death of Sidharth Shukla has been one of the most heartbreaking stories from the world of television. On September 2nd of this year, the actor passed away, and his loved ones and massive fan base are still trying to come to terms with this sad truth.

Since Sidharth’s death was announced, social media has been flooded with sincere condolence messages and tributes to the Bigg Boss 13 winner. Needless to say, Sidharth’s supporters, known as Sidhearts, are devastated and in a state of shock.

Hina Khan To Siddharth’s Fans

Hina Khan has now moved to social media to encourage them to keep going. In a tweet, the actress said that Sidharth’s followers are his pride and strength, and that he is looking at them from the other side. “I am so sorry, I am so sorry, I am so very so sorry dear SidHearts,” Hina wrote.

All of my love, strength, and prayers are being sent to you. Guys, please stay strong. You were his strength, army, and pride. From the other side, he will always smile at his SidHearts. Duas”

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Still Dealing With The News

Hina, meanwhile, has written a touching tribute to the Dil Se Dil Tak actor. “We believe we have a greater understanding of Life as a result of our sweet or bitter experiences,” she wrote. Life, on the other hand, has a way of proving to be the most unpredictable entity ever.

I extend my deepest condolences to Sidharth’s family in this ongoing situation. All of you are in my prayers for peace! After previous encounters with endless loss. The tragic news of my good friends’ death has scared, unsettled, and disturbed me. I’m feeling a little under the weather and not in the right frame of mind, but I’m still dealing with the news like the rest of you.”


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