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JoJo Siwa Can’t Believe Her Jaw-Dropping Makeover From James Charles

JoJo Siwa got a shocking makeover from YouTuber James Charles and we do not know what to think.

In a new YouTube video posted on Friday, James Charles collaborated with JoJo Siwa. James was hoping to do her makeover for a long time now. The duo was seen discussing Dance Moms and look back at teenage life. However, that is not the highlight of the video. James, who owns a successful beauty brand and is known as the makeup guru, gave JoJo a makeover which is making fans crazy on the Internet.

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JoJo said in the video that this was her dream and her nightmare at the same time. She continued expressing that she wasn’t ready for getting her makeup done because she does not let anybody else do it. JoJo said the same about her hair and said you can get one try.

The video is trending on YouTube after BTS which is approaching a million views really soon. JoJo said she does not know how James got her to do this. However, she also says she is comfortable now to try it and she has been wanting to collaborate with James for a long time. She clarifies she never wanted to get a makeover because of which she could not collaborate with him for so long.

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JoJo was pretty impressed with James work on her. She said that the transformation was pretty and he did a great job at hair and makeup. “The makeup is stunning. It’s very pretty,” she explained. Although she did say it is not her but it is really pretty, she clarifies.

Aside from the amazing makeover, James gave us a few answers from JoJo in the video. When asked what will her goals be when she is older to which JoJo says she has this dream of performing in one of the biggest stages. She said, “My next big goal is I want to perform at the Super Bowl. That’s a major thing I want to do”. JoJo revealed, “I love performing. Performing is like my No. 1 thing. It makes me the happiest. I love doing it. I want to keep being on tour…and hopefully eventually I’ll be at the Super Bowl.”

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James revealed he has been asking JoJo for two years for collaboration. He also revealed the chat that they had two years ago. Since the video has released, JoJo is trending on Twitter as well as YouTube. While many fans just appreciated her new look and said if JoJo ever decided to drop her signature look, it will be over for the world. Some fans noticed her similarity with another beauty guru, NikkieTutorials.

JoJo also managed to give James a makeover where he turns into JoJo. James had revealed in his recent controversial Instagram live that his next collaboration is going to break the internet.

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It indeed has and although JoJo looks absolutely beautiful in her new makeover, we also love her signature look full of glitters, sparkles, and bows. JoJo gained a lot of new audiences other than the kids who watch her after her TikToks went viral. She performed several surprising TikToks and also introduced her boyfriend for the first time ever.

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