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Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Married Life, Her Oscars Fall, & More

Jennifer Lawrence is finally opening up about her married life with Cooke Maroney The actress gave fans a look inside her very private life in an interview.

Jennifer came as a guest on her favorite podcast, Dear Media’s Absolutely Not on Wednesday. She spoke about her husband and quarantine life and much more, as she talked with host Heather McMahan.

The Oscar-winning actress told Heather that she has always been into sleepovers with friends and that has not changed since marriage. She revealed that her last slumber party was before she sat down for the new podcast interview.

The actress shared that she never knows the end of a hangout and revealed that even after being married she has slumber parties once a week. She said, “My friend came over [last night] and it was not planned, but she ended up spending the night and we slept in my bed and my husband slept in our guest.”

Jennifer said her husband knows “the drill” and revealed she used to have sleepovers all the time with her best friend in the entire world. She said, “Then she got married when we were pretty young. I was like, 24 and I was like, ‘Well, I understand. It’s going to change. You’re going to get married.’ She was like, ‘Oh, it’s not.’ And we still, to this day — she’s been married for seven years — we love a girly slumber.”

The Silver Linings Playbook actress further revealed that she threw a major sleepover at her apartment for her Bachelorette party. However, she said she regrets not throwing a big one as she said she attended another friend’s Bachelorette and it was the most fun weekend of her life.

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Jennifer On Not Wanting To Vote Republican

Jennifer said she is enjoying her time out of the limelight with her husband, Cooke. She said all the time that she has gotten hasn’t been so bad at her end. “I am actually a complete homebody and the laziest person who’s ever lived,” she said. “Like Cooke’s biggest joke with me, he’s like, ‘Oh, you want to go directly back to the apartment babe?’ Or like, ‘Oh no, you have to stay in bed again today.'”

The Hunger Games actress also talked about why she has chosen not to vote Republican in the upcoming election. She shared how hard it is to talk about politics since she is an actor and wants everybody to watch her films. However, she revealed that she grew up Republican and the first time she voted for John McCain.

“But for me, when Donald Trump got elected, that just changed everything because this is an impeached president who’s broken many laws; and has refused to condemn white supremacy,” she continued. “It just feels like there’s been a line drawn in the sand.”

Jennifer also revealed how devastating it was for her when people thought she faked her famous Oscars fall. She said she was extremely sensitive about that situation for a long time. The actress also revealed that she confronted Anderson Cooper after she heard him say that he thought it was fake on a segment on CNN.

Jennifer On How She Felt After Oscars Fall

The actress had tripped on her way to receive her award for Best Actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. Talking about that incident she said she was nervous and did not even acknowledge that she might win. She said, “Then they call my name and I’m elated and in shock, like, you kind of blackout.”

Jennifer continued that she fell after that and went completely blank as it erased everything from her mind. She further said, “I can look back on it now I’m a little older more fondly, but for a long time the whole thing was very sensitive”.

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The actress further shared, “Also because I’m sorry but Anderson Cooper I saw him on CNN like three days later saying ‘oh well she obviously faked the fall’; it was so devastating because it was this horrific humiliation to me”. She further described how she felt and said she does not know if she will ever get a chance to make that speech again.

Jen said she did not feel good about not having a speech. The actress shared she did encounter Anderson at a Christmas party and told him. She said he apologized and they are friends now.

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