James Charles Allegedly Caught Messaging Another Minor Post Grooming Controversy News

James Charles Allegedly Caught Messaging Another Minor Post Grooming Controversy

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Time icon July 20, 2021

James Charles had been accused of allegedly interacting with a minor after returning back to his YouTube channel. The influencer previously took a three-month hiatus from the online video platform because of the accusations against him.

He had apologized for the same and had explained his actions before deleting the video an hour later. However, recently a bunch of screenshots and screen-recorded videos showed that James had allegedly interacted with an underage fan. The fan in question had his age in his Twitter bio and he also claimed that James had continued to follow him for several months after the user unfollowed him.

Their first interaction came from James sharing a photo on his Instagram story and tagging the minor Twitch streamer. The second interaction was allegedly on July 19th. This comes after the accusations from Tati Westbrook who had shared that the beauty guru harasses young men. James had defended Ondreaz Lopez after allegations of misconduct had come through. He began receiving allegations of his own from multiple people who are minors.

James’ name was trending on Twitter as people were accusing him and sharing memes of how many times should they teach the same lesson. Twitter users have also claimed that the influencer has gone beyond cancellation, while others claim that James deserves jail time following the allegations.

Since then, James has deleted the story on Instagram after mentioning an underage streamer. But he is yet to respond to the allegations by the other Twitter minor.

Do you think cancel culture teaches all celebrities or influencers the lesson they need, or do you think it’s toxic? Let us know in the comments below.

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