Logan Paul Defends Addison Rae Over UFC Reporter Drama News

Logan Paul Defends Addison Rae Over UFC Reporter Drama

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Time icon July 15, 2021

Logan Paul defended Addison Rae on his podcast named ‘Impaulsive’ after the TikToker received immense backlash online.

For those of you who forgot, Addison recently came under fire for revealing that she would be a UFC reporter. The influencer shared this news on Twitter and mentioned that she had studied broadcast journalism for three months to prepare for this moment. However, the internet was outraged. They pointed out that several candidates who have studied broadcast journalism for years are more deserving of the position than the social media influencer.

Addison had also revealed that she was training to be a boxer with Forrest Griffin and this was also not acceptable to the online community. UFC fans said that they will not pay for game pay per views after the TikToker entered the ring. After the backlash the influencer received online, she took to Twitter to announce that she was fired.

Because of this, Logan defended her and discussed cancel culture with co-hosts Mike Majlak and George Janko. Logan expressed that he feels bad for her and has noticed young TikTok women stars are on the “chopping block” for some reason. He added, “The D’Amelio’s go through this too, it’s horses**t. I feel bad because I don’t think they’re in the spot for example Jake is where they can just raise a middle finger and be like f**k off.”

The Youtuber spoke about sexism in the entertainment industry and those women on TikTok being targeted for every move they make. Logan shared that he also feels bad because they are trying to fit into this persona that they may or may not be. However, to fit into this, they have to bend a little bit to do that, which the Youtuber does not appreciate.

He further talked about feeling bad for the creators who cannot be themselves on the internet. However, influencers create a brand for themselves and are more in control of the narrative they chose.

What do you think? Was recruiting Addison Rae as a UFC reporter the right thing? Let us know in the comments below.

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