Jae Park's Statements Anger Both TWICE & DAY6 Fandoms

Jae Park’s Statements Anger Both TWICE & DAY6 Fandoms

Jae Park had been in the news a few weeks before warning haters and trolls that he would take legal action; if cyberbullying continued to affect his mental health. On an Instagram live, the DAY6 member was frank about his surrendering attitude; which made fans question whether he was preparing to leave the K-pop group.

Later, he emphasised that he was simply venting and apologised for upsetting supporters. After that, he had a great time in LA as part of the 88rising’s HITC music festival roster, and fans were thrilled to see him perform live.

Jae Park, also known as eaJ, had a Thanksgiving special podcast interview with OTV on November 26 that didn’t go down well with some fans. The DAY6 member discussed poisonous social media, his time in Los Angeles; and how the K-pop industry really functioned in terms of age and language bias; as well as cliques developed around those categories.

He joked around, but his sarcasm was obvious. He began by discussing how K-pop is manufactured and musicians are indoctrinated. While discussing his job at HITC, he mentioned how a friend complimented DAY6 and said they were authentic; but Jae cut him off and said they weren’t.

Jae also gave credit where credit was due, praising JYP, the CEO of his label. The DAY6 star stated that he admired JYP as a musician; and a person and that he had once contacted him at 3 a.m. when he was having difficulties. However, he made a comment regarding TWICE’s Sana that both fans and non-fans were perplexed about.

eaJ Says He Was Joking

Jae revealed that he had requested an autographed TWICE record from his management. When the interviewer questioned why he didn’t approach the girl group directly because they are labelmates, he said, “Because they are labelmates”. However, Jae joked that in his 7 years at JYPE, he had never spoken to TWICE’s Sana.

Some ONCEs (TWICE’s fans) were perplexed as to why he mentioned Sana, while others were outright offended. They wrote things like, “Doesn’t he supposed to [know] not to specify names since he’s been in this business long enough to know how [things] escalate…?,” and “He’s literally a flopping twitch and yt streamer, he’s on Twitter 24/7; bc he’s jobless, a loser, JYPE even excluded him from one of the day6 events. Do not EVER mention Sana you freak and make it seem like it’s her fault that you haven’t talked to her for SEVEN YEARS.”

Another fan said that things had been blown out of proportion, “It’s a large ass company so is it really that weird that they never spoke to each other? some of y’all have no idea how real life works and it shows; sana stans need to take a chill pill.” Jae himself spoke up and said, “YOO IT WAS A JOKE WTF LOOL.”

My Days, the DAY6 fans, were also enraged because Jae had called his own band inauthentic. “He literally discredited everything his band mates; and fans have worked for. groups are manufactured but for a group; like day6 that make their own music and are passionate about their craft… you’re just gonna let jae call ALL of that inauthentic??,” one fan tweeted. 

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