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Is this why the Timekeepers haven’t captured Captain America or the other Avengers?

Loki’s trailers and teasers have confirmed that the God of Mischief will be imprisoned by the Timekeepers of the Time Variance Authority for tampering with the timeline. Loki is shown negotiating a deal with Mobius M Mobius, a high-ranking TVA official played by Owen Wilson, in the clips.

The Timekeepers’ appearance has sparked plenty of questions, including why they didn’t arrest the Avengers for messing with history. In order to prevent Thanos’ snap, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and others travelled back in time and stole the infinity stones. That’s how Loki managed to break free from the timeline in the first place.

The Avengers were not arrested because the Timekeepers had not expected their time travel. According to The Direct, Tom Hiddleston wrote in the Summer 2021 issue of Disney’s D23 Magazine, ” “What happens in the past, present, and future – in a straight line – has been determined by (TVA).

And if you break from that, or establish an alternate branch of reality, you’ll be arrested by the TVA and charged with crimes against the chronology, and you’ll be jailed in time. Loki is one of those time criminals, which should come as no surprise to anyone.”

Given this, the ‘time heist’ in Avengers: Endgame could have been one among the many scenarios for which the TVA was prepared. As a result, the Avengers have the ability to travel back and forth in time. The TVA was likewise prepared for Captain America to travel back in time for the second time and return the infinity stones to their rightful placements, given their knowledge of the events. As a reward, TVA may have permitted Steve to return to the past and grow old with Peggy Carter.

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