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Internet sensation Riyaz Aly becomes India’s number one TikTok user with 40 Million Followers

Riyaz is an Indo-Bhutan residential, the rising star & TikTok sensation ‘Riyaz Aly’ is one of the most famous influencers of India. He has currently touched 40 million fans following on TikTok, a social media website. He also shares a close bond with personalities including Neha Kakkar, Honey Singh, Tony Kakkar, Anshul Garg, Raghav Sharma, and many more.
Riyaz Aly is the most followed actor and artist on the TikTok platform & shares how exciting and difficult it has turned to keep the audience engaged and entertained. Although, Riyaz Aly’s family is extremely encouraging and supportive in each aspect of life

In his free time, Riyaz creates videos other than concentrating principally on his schooling. He has always dreamt of becoming a prosperous person in his life.

To accomplish his desires and fantasies, he is tremendously working hard. Taking motivation from stylish persons looks and couturier, Riyaz has astounding looks & fashion sense that is worth making anyone’s eyes pop. With his mesmerizing looks, Riyaz is worth giving many Bollywood personalities and actors a tough competition.

A Responsibility towards fan’s ideologies

According to Riyaz, the actors and TikTok influencers are quite responsible for their fan’s ideologies. He as a content creator feels that he has to be quite cautious when it comes to sharing content on a social media platform like TikTok. Also, they have to abide by the Community regulations which are very nitty-gritty. Consequently, imagination and a huge fan base come with a pile of responsibility and we all should play our parts.

Objectives of making videos on TikTok

Riyaz Aly always had a zeal for becoming an actor, and the social media platform ‘TikTok’ for that matter provided him the ideal stage to show his talent and manifest his acting capabilities. He likes getting praised by his fans and acquires a lot of motivation and encouragement from them. For him, it’s memorable & fun always.

Lockdown has got no Obstacles

Riyaz Aly is quite vocal and committed that he has not faced any trouble during the lockdown. According to him, it’s the best time to spend some quality time with families by staying at home. He even tells his followers to follow the government’s guidelines by practicing Social Distancing and emphasized more on staying at home.

Moreover, he used to create half of his video clips at home only, and now he simply makes all his videos at his place. He is a true lover of his work and being in contact with his followers keeps him motivated. Through his TikTok videos, he has made this evident enough that he is trying his best to keep his fans entertained.

Riyaz Aly is a TikTok influencer, actor, content creator, and a budding star who is not only famous for posting videos on famous social networking site ‘TikTok’ but is also quite famous for his commendable fashion game which is always on point, along with his adorable trait lip-syncing on various popular music tracks.

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