In the new mystery romance drama ‘Show Window,’ Jeon So Min and Chansung from 2PM will reunite News

In the new mystery romance drama ‘Show Window,’ Jeon So Min and Chansung from 2PM will reunite

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Time icon August 20, 2021

Jeon So Min and idol-actor Chansung have revealed that they would collaborate on a new drama!

The cast for the upcoming series “Show Window” has been unveiled in its entirety. Actors Jeon So Min, Chansung from 2PM, Lee Sung Jae, and Song Yoon Ah will work together on a new drama.

“Show Window,” a mystery melodrama, depicts the story of Han Sun Joo, a lady who shows support for another women’s affair, but she has no idea that the woman she is supporting is the same woman with whom her husband is having an affair.

Song Yoon Ah plays Han Sun Joo, a wonderful wife, and mother who possesses all of the qualities of riches, knowledge, and beauty. Sun Joo is a caring partner and assists her husband at work and in raising her son. However, owing to an unanticipated conflict, the lovely family they had created began to crumble. Han Sun Joo has a strong personality and is willing to go to any length to protect her family.

Song Yoon Ah has been associated to the role of Han Sun Joo, while Lee Sung Jae has been associated to the role of her husband Shin Myung Seob. Chansung from 2PM has been cast as Han Sun Joo’s younger brother, Han Jung Won.

Jun So Min was cast in the character of Yoon Mi Ra, a woman who has had a rough life since the death of her parents in a car accident when she was a child. She falls in love with a married man, Shin Myung Seob, and becomes entangled in a bitter dispute with his wife, Han Sun Joo.

Lee Sung Jae, who plays a prosecutor in the film “Diary of a Prosecutor,” is cast opposite her. He will portray Shin Myung Seob, Han Sun Joo’s husband. He’s been compared to Cinderella’s masculine counterpart. Myung Seob makes every effort to demonstrate that he has anything to offer his mother-in-law’s bussiness.

He is devoted to his family, but his curiosity about a woman who made him feel unique will lead to a major calamity.

After making a cameo in “So I Married an Anti-Fan,” actress and “Running Man” anchor Jeon So Min is back in a new drama role. So Min is going to take on a hard role for her drama comeback. Yoon Mi Ra, the lady with whom Shin Myung Seob is having a covert affair, is expected to be played by her. Her flawless and seductive appearance stands out, and she is a woman who always gets what she desires.

Viewers are ecstatic to watch Jeon So Min transition into Yoon Mi Ra since she has always projected a cute and kind image in public.

Following the success of his group promotion with his 2PM bandmates and the romantic series “So I Married an Anti-Fan,” Chansung of 2PM is gearing up to start on a new project.

Hwang Chansung is set to join the cast of “Show Window” as Han Jung Won, Han Sun Joo’s (Song Yoon Ah) younger brother. Chansung is a kind-hearted man with a good attitude on life, in contrast to his prior character. He is also Sun Joo’s dependable sibling.

The “Show Window” is set to premiere in primetime on Channel A in November. Kang Sol and Park Dae Hee are in charge of the series’ direction.

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