In 2022, Disney will spend $33 bln on new content, an increase of $8 bln over 2021

In 2022, Disney aims to spend $33 billion on new content, according to its annual report. With a stronghold in theatrical releases and a growing streaming service, the media giant is clearly at the vanguard of modern content creation.

Studios, general entertainment, and sports are the three main content categories under Disney media. Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar, LucasFilm, 20th Century Studios, Marvel Studios, and Searchlight Pictures are among the Disney studios.

Disney’s general entertainment groups include ABC Entertainment, Disney Channel, FX Networks, and Hulu, but ESPN remains their primary sports network.

Disney to spend $33 bln

Since Disney discovered a solid market with its direct-to-consumer streaming model, the Mouse has been practically unstoppable. Disney CEO Bob Chapek revealed earlier this year that the company plans to release over 100 new titles in the coming year.

To celebrate Disney+’s second anniversary, the company held its first Disney+ Day, which featured announcements and updates on several of the business’s forthcoming projects. These primarily featured project release dates for previously announced films and series, as well as a flood of new or planned films and initiatives.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney has released its annual report, which claims that they plan to spend $33 billion on new content for the fiscal year 2022, which begins on October 1st. This $33 billion will go to Disney’s media conglomerate’s many divisions.

The number in the report is $8 billion higher than the total in the fiscal year 2021, which was around $25 billion. The increase in spending aims to help the company provide more material to its streaming services, and it does not account for production disruptions caused by the current pandemic.

The annual report details where some of the $33 billion will be spent, as well as more specific information on what the firm wants to deliver in 2022. Disney intends to release 50 films in theatres and on DVD, as well as 60 unscripted series, 25 drama series, 15 docuseries or limited series, 10 animation series, and 5 made-for-TV movies. Many of the announced shows will be part of the MCU, including WandaVision’s Agatha: House of Harkness. When compared to other media companies, Disney has chosen a more ambitious approach to media development, with Netflix aiming to spend around $14 million in 2022 and WarnerMedia planning to spend $20 billion.

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