YouTuber Rosanna Pansino Gives A Tour Of Her Grand $6 Million Californian House

Rosanna Pansino, who has over 13 million subscribers on the platform has recently shared a complete tour video of her massive $6 million Californian home and the internet is going head over heels on it.

YouTuber home tours are always exciting and spot on! But Rosanna Pansino’s home tour is even more special if we reflect upon her career progression. She came from a low-income family that struggled with money and today, she is the proud owner of a $6mn home in one of the best cities of the world.

Ro’s Spacious Property

Ro’s glamorous home is built on a 7,200 sq ft. property, has aesthetic interior, and super attractive exterior. The ‘Nerdy Nummies’ host welcomed all her views to her new place in the beginning of her ‘My House Tour’ YouTube video.

To begin with, Rosanna shared her spacious and pleasing office area. This is where she plans her YouTube videos, edits them, and conducts business meetings. Rosanna’s office space is furnished with high-quality Teddy Bear Chairs that add an appealing look to the space.

The home also has a huge storage area to stack office supplies, files, and any other unwanted items.

The Lovely Dining And Living Room

The YouTuber is a New York best selling author of ‘The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook’ and it is certain that she would have paid extra attention to the dining area of her home.

Her home’s dining area has a large and beautiful table that makes the perfect vibe for casual eating and also during the time when Rosanna is hosting parties. Right next to the dining table, there is a lavish wine storage as well.

Moving towards the room tours of her $6 million home, Rosanna explains that she prefers a mix of modern-classic design with wide and open entry ways. The living room and kitchen area of the home has an open-concept design.

The living room also had two cute teddy bear chairs, just like the office area. There is a TV mounted over a modern low fireplace along with some French artpieces.

Rosanna also shows some unique Vinyl collection kept in one corner of her living room. It belongs to her father and was given to her by her mother.

‘Heart Of The Home’

Describing her kitchen, Rosanna says that it is a ‘chef’s dream’. The Fully Equipped Kitchen spans two rooms and features three full-size ovens, a pair of Jumbo refrigerators, and an app-operated, built-in barista!

Rosanna started out on YouTube with cooking and baking videos and went on to host the famous Nerdy Nummies cooking show as well. She calls her kitchen as “the heart of the home,” and it is the place where Ro films her baking videos. The pantry was heavenly with massive storage space both on top and bottom.

Glam Room

The property also has a home gym, home movie theatre, and a glam room where Ro spends time to get ready for filming videos or even while going out for parties. The Glam Room had a large mirror, hair accessories, wardrobe rack, and an impressive chandilier.

On the top floor of the home, there are two guest rooms with blue and green interiors. Each of them have their own attached bathroom and a TV set.

Ro’s Bedroom

Made of tall ceilings and canopy bed, the bedroom of Rosanna exuded divine vibes. Her bedroom also combined a living space.

It has a beautiful fireplace and also a balcony that could be accessed using sliding doors.

All in all, the property is beyond beautiful, modern, appealing, and worth the bucks! After all, there’s a reason why Forbes ranked Rosanna Pansino as ‘YouTube’s highest paid Woman’.

What do you think about Ro’s Californian Paradise? Tell us your thoughts in the comments. To watch the full home tour video, click here.

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