Disney officials are said to be arguing over streaming more adult content

The Walt Disney Company’s streaming service, Disney+, is said to be creating heated discussions among executives about whether the service should feature more adult content.

Disney+ is the home of content from the company’s various franchises, including Marvel, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Studios, and others. The streaming service, which recently marked its two-year anniversary with the “disastrous” Disney+ Day, has a number of projects in the works for its various properties.

streaming more adult content

After years of purchasing numerous properties and the expiration of the previous partnership with Netflix, Disney+ was formally launched on November 12, 2019. With over 118.1 million users, the service has been able to prosper because of its diverse content inventory and the popularity of its new shows.

As Disney+ grows in popularity, the corporation is beginning to rethink the path it needs to take in order to compete with other streaming platforms in terms of audience.

According to a recent report from Puck, executives at the Walt Disney Company are debating whether the streaming service’s repertoire should feature more adult content. Bob Iger, the business’s former CEO, and current executive is said to feel the corporation should stick with its current content. After a disappointing gain in subscribers in the fourth quarter, current Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek claims the service should expand to appeal to a wider audience. Disney+, according to Chapek, may include advertisements in the future.

While the service has been able to attract fans of franchises such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Star Wars Universe, as well as those of Disney Channel’s original programming and movies, the firm has not yet released all of the content that they have access to.

Several adult-oriented franchises, as well as nearly anything rated MA or R on television, are unable to find a place on the service. This makes it difficult for Disney+ to develop subscribers beyond those of Netflix or Amazon Prime, which appeal to a wide range of audiences.

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