How Lauren Grabois Fischer’s Children’s Books Lay the Groundwork for Emotionally and Socially Well-Rounded Children via The Be Books

These days, kids can consume content practically anywhere. Whether TV, computer, iPad, Netflix or books, a child’s opportunity to consume content is limitless in this modern world. And while for some parents, technology has been a savior of sorts, offering them reprieve as a way to keep their children busy or occupied, more and more, parents are becoming more selective in what they want to expose their children to. A mother of two and previously an elementary school teacher, Lauren Grabois Fischer saw first-hand how easily children can be influenced and molded by their surroundings and the content they consume. Following a life-long dream to become a writer, Grabois Fischer has been writing and publishing books for the last six years. With a heavy focus on mindfulness, her books, called The Be Books, emphasize the importance of focusing on positivity and gratitude in order to shape well-rounded, respectable children. 

Using social emotional learning, Grabois Fischer’s The Be Books are groundbreaking books that provide tools for children as they learn how to develop strong, confident characters. With younger generations being brought up within a society where anything and everything can be made available on demand, the author combats the selfish mentality with messages and themes that help kids realize the value and importance of gratitude and positivity. Being mindful and aware of others, her books pose challenging, thought-provoking questions that children will undoubtedly face in life, even from a young age. Her best-selling book, Every So Often a Zebra Has Spots, examines the formative moments when children encounter people, whether other kids, friends or strangers who might feel different from them. With this theme in mind, Grabois Fischer aims to help children understand the world around them and that not everyone they meet will be the same. The world is full of different people. 

“Through these books, I wanted to inspire all children to be kind, accepting, positive, respectful and grateful,” Grabois Fischer says. “By empowering them and letting them know that they can make a difference in the world, regardless of their age, I hope that it facilitates a kinder world, where kids grow up to be more accepting and equipped with behavioral tools and values.” 

The author’s The Be Books go a step further providing additional pages where parents and kids can participate in conversation pieces in the home setting or perhaps a lesson plan for teachers in the classroom setting. By going an extra step further, Grabois Fischer encourages kids to not only read the books, but then engage with the message to fully understand and digest it. These conversations inspire positive actions and empower children to speak up for what is right. Helping kids think about complex concepts in simple ways, Grabois Fischer disguises important life lessons as a storybook by way of The Be Books.To learn more about Lauren Grabois Fischer and The Be Books, follow her on Instagram or visit her website


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