“His brain is a bit scrambled”- Nasser Hussain on Virat Kohli’s recent batting failures

Former England Captain turned commentator Nasser Hussain has expressed his thoughts in a recent interaction on Kohli’s performances, saying that the Indian captain should replicate his batting techniques for the 2018 tour of England.

“Kohli was also leaving a lot of balls in 2018 and said that you have to put your ego away in England. I’m not saying he hasn’t done that now but his brain is a bit scrambled and he’s playing at a lot of deliveries he could leave“, Hussain wrote in a column for dailymail.co.uk.

Let us remind you that Kohli had been exceptionally successful in 2018’s tour of England. He was the highest run-getter in that series, amassing a mammoth total of 593 runs in just 10 innings at a remarkable average of 59.30. Another fact to point out is that Kohli had faced Anderson for 270 deliveries in that series. And he gave his wicket to none of them. However, he fell for Anderson’s trap on the first ball itself of the 2021 tour. Perhaps Kohli is repeating the mistakes of 2014 which had been a disaster for him then. Just like this tour has been for him till now.

Hussain, in the article, further pointed out that after failing to fire in India’s tour of England(2014), Kohli came back with some adjustments to his technique. Kohli had come back as a much better batsman.

“I did a masterclass for Sky with Virat when he said he had made a change to his technique after a disappointing tour of England in 2014. In that series Kohli’s back foot was not moving how he wanted it to, his alignment was horribly wrong and he was nicking too many balls,” he wrote.

So when he came back four years later he made sure that back foot was much squarer and pointing towards cover point. It led to a much more prolific series against Anderson and Co. but now his back foot is not moving the way he wants again,” the 53-year-old added.


So far in this series, Kohli has batted in four innings, barely scoring 69 runs with his best score of 42 coming in the Lord’s test. Kohli must fix his technique inaccuracies soon if he wishes to leave a mark in this series. And the main cause of concern for the fans has been that he is throwing away his wicket in the same way. Kohli knicks the deliveries pitched at outside off and hands easy catches to the wicket-keeper or the slip fielders.

Two more tests are left in the series and also one inning of this test match. Do you believe our captain Kohli will make a comeback in the series? Or will this be a repeat telecast of his 2014 fiasco?



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