Dr Disrespect Reveals Plan To Use NFTs In His First Video Game

Dr Disrespect Reveals Plan To Use NFTs In His First Video Game

Dr Disrespect is set to start his own game studio. He has revealed to have a few bold plans for his first title. The influencer wants to incorporate NFTs into the game to give players a chance to invest in it. This is to make use of the cross-section between gaming and crypto.

Dr Disrespect is expanding his empire in gaming as he launches his own studio. He plans on starting AAA titles “with a twist” as he works with indie developers to help them erupt on the world stage. This has been the only thing on his mind after revealing details about his “Vertical BR” project.

“I’ve been thinking about a lot. A really big thing that’s happening, that’s getting the brain to start [ticking along] is obviously the development of our studio,” he said while watching GamesCom. But the influencer does not seem content with doing everything by the book.

Dr Disrepect wants to break through barriers and he might use crypto to do that. He was heard mumbling before getting a comprehensible sentence out. This was about the big goal that he will be prepping for in his upcoming video game. He wants to incorporate NFTs and crypto into the game.

This is for players and content creators to invest and have equity in the game. “NFTs, Cryptos, designed into the infrastructure of the game revenue system. Now players can have equity, creators can have potential equity in the project as well,” he said.

Dr Disrespect did not explain more on that aspect but it seems like an interesting concept. Investing in games happens in the initial stages before development. This happens either through big firms or simple crowd-funding campaigns. The idea is interesting of working in an equity system that could follow a stock market in a game.

However, only time will tell if this works out.

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