Genda Phool plagiarism row: Here’s what Ratan Kahar has to say after getting Rs 5 Lakh form Badhshah

Popular rapper Badshah has given Rs 5 Lakh to the veteran writer Ratan Kahar after he was accused of using his lyrics in his songs without credits!

The plagiarism issue regarding the song Genda Phool has finally been resolved. Rapper Badshah got in touch with the folk song writer Ratan Kahar and has given him his due share.

Confirming the same, Kahar told PTI, “Yes, my son has confirmed Rs 5 lakh from Badshah has entered my bank account. But money is not everything. I am happy as he has credited me as the composer of the lyrics “Baro Loker Beti Lo” which he had weaved in his music video ‘Genda Phool’. I want to leave behind any controversy.”

On the other hand, Atanu Barman who is one of the persons raising the issue on social media said, “Badshah had sent the amount after talking to Kahar over videoconferencing on April 3. And his family don’t harbour any hurt feelings any more. But we wish Kahar’s name be referred as one of the lyricists of the song. Not just referring it as Bengali folk song now.”

Badshah had earlier issued his statement on social media. The rapped had clarified how he couldn’t find the name of the lyricist in the records. He had also promised to get in touch with Kahar and do what’s best in his capacity.

Talking about the song, it has become very popular amongst the audience. Featuring Jacqueline Fernanadez alongside Badhshah, it was released on March 26, this year.