Designer Ali Hayalie reaching new heights as an Entreprenuer News

Designer Ali Hayalie reaching new heights as an Entreprenuer

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Time icon April 8, 2020

There is so much the world offers for us to learn, take inspiration from and evolve each day. One such young guy, who has already proved his mettle to the world with his entrepreneurial skills and charm to add to it, is none other than Ali Hayalie, who with his continuous hard work and perseverance, inspires people all around the world to buckle up their shoes, get on the path, start working and eventually become successful at whatever they want.

Hayalie’s life has been one hell of a journey and it has taken him through various ups and downs in life to make him reach the stage he is at today. Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Hayalie and his single mother escaped the war in Iraq in 1994 when he was only 4 years old. They both later decided to migrate to New Zealand in 1996 to start a new life. When his mother got remarried, Hayalie got a mentor as well as a father who was a businessman that taught him the basics of business. When Hayalie was 19 years old, he lost his stepfather to cancer which had a huge impact on him as a teenager. Later after finishing his studies, he started his journey by travelling to different countries to get international experience and build relationships.

Hayalie first got into the luxury industry in 2010 and launched his luxurious streetwear line “Suave” in New Zealand after being a flight attendant with Emirates Airlines travelling the world and attending fashion events in Europe. Before leaving Suave in 2015, his clothing line made a name for itself amongst artists & celebrities in America. Later with over 10 years of international experience as well as selling custom suits in London and Dubai worth $10,000-$50,000, Hayalie ventured into opening up his own luxury brand “Hayalie,” which caught the eyes of celebrities in Hollywood and royals around the world.

‘In 2019 he released ‘Manuka by Hayalie’- a super exquisite and ultra premium rare Manuka honey product also known as ‘liquid gold’ thats only found in New Zealand which offers great health benefits as well as a luxurious experience all packed in a gold plated jar. As a child, Hayalie always had an interest in music which he says came from his mother, who is also an artist, musician, and an architect. That inspired him to work with various celebrities and artists over the years which made him aware that his liquid gold would do wonders in improving artists voice quality and overall health. It was his way of giving back to the music culture with a product that everyone can enjoy and appreciate.

Hayalie is also an author who wrote an E-book titled “The 9 Secrets to a F*cking Fabulous Life” to share with the world his experiences in life, which he hopes would also encourage and motivate youngsters. He serves as a great example, especially to the younger generation. He preaches that no matter what the lows in life are, it is important to remember to get up each time, motivate yourself and keep going until you reach your final destination.

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