Fans Disappointed With Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour ‘Low-Quality’ Merch News

Fans Disappointed With Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour ‘Low-Quality’ Merch

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Time icon August 2, 2021

Olivia Rodrigo had released her debut album, Sour earlier this year on May 14th. After the success of her debut project, the singer released a merch line for the album.

But unfortunately, fans were left disappointed after they got the merchandise in their hands. Many complained about the cheap quality of the products and compared it to the ones which were promoted on the website. Dani Smith, a TikTok user had released a video where they are reviewing the Sour merch.

The caption read that this was the tiniest graphic they had ever seen and asked if it was a sticker. Dani wrote, “Tiniest graphic I have ever seen??? Is that a sticker? Not the razor slices!!! Long and skinny?? Waited 2 months for this to come in the mail.”

Meanwhile, another user on Twitter asked Olivia to change her merch and described the new collection as “complete trash”. This comes after the recent scandal where the hitmaker was criticized for an AAVE controversy. She was recently called out on social media after the re-emergence of an old video of the singer using “blaccent” resurfaced online.

Olivia rose to fame with her hit, Driver’s License which was released this year. The singer started out as a Disney star in the sitcom, High School Musical: The Musical: The series. She also garnered millions of followers on social media. But the recent revelations have put her under fire. Many of her fans were disappointed in the teenager after the controversy came to light. Critics flocked to Twitter to call her out for her behaviour. Fans also urged Rodrigo to address the situation and issue an apology in public.

Her merch has been appreciated before but the latest collection has received a lot of hate. Many fans voiced how the products did not meet their expectations. Users were particularly pissed off about the poor quality of the merch which included faults in the design, size, material and even correct spelling.

Fans also were disappointed because of the late shipments and delayed deliveries. Few of the people even expressed their regret in ordering the merchandise. As criticism continues to come in thick and fast, it remains to be seen if Olivia Rodrigo will address the situation in the days to come.

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