Olivia Rodrigo Slammed For Using “Blaccent” In Resurfaced Clip

Olivia Rodrigo is receiving backlash after the re-emergence of an old clip where she is using “blaccent”. The singer was in between an Instagram live where she was communicating with her fans and was heard using an African-American accent while she was interacting.

The live took place earlier this year after the singer’s hit, Driver’s License. Twitter users stated that she was using several phrases and terms which is a part of African-American Vernacular English (AAVE). The user who called her out also referred to a series of old tweets from Olivia which further supports her narrative.

Olivia has previously used some of the specific AAVE slang and terms to tweet in the past as well. After this was pointed out, the musician received backlash for her actions. Social media users were calling her out and asking her to apologize.

The singer had risen to fame with her Disney+ drama, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. The actress gained a lot of recognition after the release of her single, Driver’s License. Her song debuted atop the charts internationally. She further received a ton of appreciation for her debut album, Sour.

Olivia also garnered millions of followers on social media. But the recent revelations have put her under fire. Many of her fans were disappointed in the teenager after the controversy came to light. Critics flocked to Twitter to call her out for her behaviour. Fans also urged Rodrigo to address the situation and issue an apology in public.

However, few fans have also come to her defence and claimed that the artist did not do that intentionally. As the internet seemingly divides, it is yet to be seen if Olivia addresses the issue or rather uses the “Billie Eilish way”. Do you think she should address this or do you think this was completely unintentional, and unnecessary?

Olivia was present at the White House recently where she urged youths to get vaccinated alongside president Joe Biden. She talked about the importance of vaccinations and encouraged the younger generation to take a step forward.


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