Famous Minecraft Gamer Technoblade Reveals He Is Suffering From Cancer

Fans might not have expected this shocking news in a comeback video of Technoblade. The YouTuber is one of the finest gamers of the Minecraft community.

A physical ailment in his arm prompted him to take a break in the month of June. However, it turns out that the arm ailment Technoblade experienced was much more than that!

The Story

Technoblade visited a doctor when the arm pain did not subside after a few days of rest. Instead, at this point, his arm had begun showing signs of swelling. After he paid a trip to the hospital, he was faced with the mind-numbing reality – Technoblade is suffering from cancer!

In the comeback video, Technoblade kept himself calm and composed. He seemed to be in a positive spirit and the cancer diagnosis does not seem to deter him. “They performed a couple of scans and told me the reason my arm hurts is because I have cancer,” he explained. “That really couldn’t have gone worse.”

Currently going chemotherapy, Technoblade intends to continue his YouTube gaming journey and interact with fans on streams!

Fan Love And Support

Many fans of Technoblade took to Twitter and YouTube comments to wish him a speedy recovery and support him.

Dream, another Minecraft YouTuber who Technoblade is friends with has said that in a new tweet that he will be donating $1 to cancer research for every coin that members of his team earn. Awesome dude commented that he will be doing the same.

Technoblade also made jokes in his comeback video about his cancer diagnosis, such as how no one took the diagnosis worse than his health care provider. We wish him all the health in the universe and hope to see him living an ailment-free life very soon.

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