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Facebook takes strict action on rumors related to COVID-19 with the help of Fact Checkers, Warnings label imposed on 4 crore posts

 Social media company Facebook has warned more than 40 million misleading posts associated with COVID-19 on its platform. …

Leading social media company Facebook has taken strict steps to rein in misinformation and rumors related to the Coronavirus on its platform. The social media company, along with independent fact checkers from around the world, has warned over 40 million misleading posts on the platform. Also, the company has given the correct information related to the WHO-issued COVID-19 to 2 billion i.e. 200 million users. The World Health Organization (WHO) has last month declared coronavirus a global pandemic.

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Facebook has taken concrete steps to deliver the right information to the people. As well as to remove the wrong information on its platform. The biggest challenge is to remove misinformation on the platform. In view of this, Facebook has reviewed the post in more than 50 languages ​​with the help fact checking organizations.

Through its blog post, Facebook said that if a post is rate false or misleading by the Fact Checker, then that post gets a warning label. A warning label was put on 40 million (40 million) rumors and wrong posts relate to Coronavirus in march 2020. For this, about 4,000 articles related to COVID-19 on Facebook have been check through Independent Fact Checking Partners. 40 million posts available on Facebook that have labeled Warning Less. 95 percent of the posts were not check by people after labeling as Warning.

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