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An Unlikely Crypto-Entrepreneur

Cryptocurrency, like many developments in high-tech, have swept the world by storm. Bitcoin, among other currencies, now have millions of users and are more invested in than some small countries. The algorithms and technology behind these currencies is certainly complex and keeps many people from investing because they feel underskilled or uninformed to understand the principles and workings of digital currencies. But Nicky Taschew, a young german entrepreneur, has shown it doesn’t take someone with a high-tech background or skillset to understand and leverage the growing cryptocurrency market to make money and change your life.

Growing up in Munich, Taschew never dreamed of working in technology nor was he a young mathematical genius–he planned on becoming a professional table tennis player. Though he was adept at picking up languages, speaking french, german, english and bulgarian fluently, he studied international business and psychology in university. Like most great German literature, the turning point in young Taschew’s life came from a romantic interest–an Austrian girl. Connecting through the dating app Tinder, they soon became great friends and she introduced him to a group of friends involved in an American network marketing company. He began working with this group along with excelling in his studies.

From 2015 to 2018, they tracked over 15 million in sales, selling a variety of Bitcoin investments for other companies. VolumeX was formed when the group decided they had a wealth of knowledge and should start their own business. With all of their experience and their fantastic group dynamic, things came together quickly and in no time they were up and running.

Now, they teach thousands of affiliates and customers about financial growth by introducing them to Bitcoin services and helping customers with the group’s knowledge and techniques in order to create an additional income stream.

VolumeX is now one of the biggest cryptocurrency opportunities in German, Austrian, and Swiss markets. With the surge of the cryptocurrency markets with declining trust in traditional governments, this is a perfect opportunity to grow their market share. In 2020, they are looking to expand to international clients and markets and help more people understand digital currency and empower them to change their lives.

Through module-based learning, direct mentorship, online seminars, events, and workshops, VolumeX helps its clients develop precise knowledge of cryptocurrency and how to grow an additional income stream through investments in things like Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Taschew is behind many aspects of VolumeX’s unique educational system and acts as the head of Marketing and Branding for VolumeX. Every single content and market move goes through Taschew and as they expand to different markets, his developed language skills have proven invaluable.

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