Exclusive Interview With Sean Borg

Sean Borg is a leading expert in the field of entertainment television, lifestyle and branding in London and Los Angeles. In an interview with Clout News, the expert revealed his journey as he came across numerous celebrities.

As he sat down with Christy Mathew via Zoom, he talked about how he knew since he was a kid that he wants to be in show business. He said, “When I was really young, I was around entertainment people and creative people, and I always had a creative flair. My mother when she was very young had tried her hand at singing but didn’t take it up professionally”.

Sean continued, “I grew up around that so I really had instruments around, it was natural for me to kind of want to do that at a very young age.” He further revealed how he was sent to a very well-known agent in London, Sylvia Young and she was one of the biggest.

The expert revealed how it was a great way for him to be around a lot of children from showbiz. Sean Borg also shared with us how he tried his hand in modeling as he got opportunities to be working on TV shows.

Sean further shared, “So I definitely knew that I wanted to be around, entertainment, didn’t necessarily want to be an actor. But I did respect the profession. It was just something that I found was very much a slog for a lot of people in professional time. It was really hard. You know I wasn’t wanting to sit around and wait for the phone to ring. So, I think had I been a bit more patient I might have become an actor.”

When asked if he ever imagined his first-ever job would lead him from a researcher to being a producer, he said it was ambition. He responded saying, “I remember being one of my first jobs in television, which was for a Channel 24 for a TV show called The Word. I had the title of a researcher, but I was doing the same job as the assistant producer which is called an AP, so I’d be like, ‘why am I not an AP?’ So I would go to the bosses and say, ‘why am I not an assistant producer? Why am I a researcher?’”

Sean expressed, “I said yeah but I’m good at what I do, so why shouldn’t you just give me the title. So, it was really believing in myself and fighting for my platform. And I hate to say demanding but I want to say that I kind of did at times, was like, that’s not good enough for me.”

The journalist was then asked about the celebrities he met, especially the time when he had the international pop star, Nathan Moore as his roommate. He said, “Nathan was somebody I met on the London club scene while hanging out with the who’s who of London. “

Sean shared how he got to know the pop singer slowly through his friend, Emma. He revealed, “Emma Ridley was a famous actress, wild child in the London club scene and was always in the newspapers, and she knew Nathan. So, from that, I slowly got to know Nathan and around the time I went to leave for LA, Los Angeles, Nathan was going there to record a solo song.”

The journalist said that is when Nathan decided to come with him as Brother Beyond was splitting up. He revealed that is when they became really good friends and they stayed in LA together for six months. The expert said they, later on, moved to England as he moved in with him and they were friends for 16 years.

Sean described the late pop singer as a really good friend and that they are still in touch. Further talking about his friendship with the late Elizabeth Taylor, he shared how he met her in France for Cannes Film Festival. He described how he was being himself, “little ambitious and pushy” as he walked straight towards her and took over the conversation.

The journalist described how lovely she was as they chatted away. They bonded so well that Elizabeth’s assistant gave him her phone number. Both of them got in touch as Sean was invited to many dinner parties where he met numerous other celebrities.

Back in the mid-’80s, the expert was rumored to be dating one of the biggest pop stars. Since then he has not revealed the name of the person he was with. However, Sean did tease that he might reveal it if he ever publishes a book of his own story.  He further talked about his experience while he was working with Sandy Gallin.

Sean also shared how it was like to work with TMZ and gave a piece of advice to up and coming journalists. For more, watch the whole interview here.

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